dydu is launching Helpbox, a smart routing solution

The software company Do You Dream Up serves numerous major accounts with its expertise in digitalising customer relations with its automated chat, FAQ, and live chat solutions.
Today, the start-up is launching a brand new self-service solution in the French market, called Helpbox.

Smart routing

The idea behind Helpbox is to have the right answer, with the best channel, at any time.
The user contacts customer service from any single point of entry on the brand’s website. Depending on the question, the user gets an answer back straight away or is directed to the appropriate channel: live chat, automated chat, click-to-call, email, telephone, social media, etc.
This smart routing is carried out by Do You Dream Up’s natural language processing engine based on various criteria (question topic, time, channel prioritisation, etc.).

The Helpbox solution:

  • Simplifies the customer experience by providing a single point of access for user help
  • Boosts customer satisfaction by ensuring that answers are given as quickly as possible
  • Develops customer autonomy so that customers can easily find answers to their questions themselves
  • Controls customer relations costs by preventing low-added-value contacts (soliciting call centres for queries that are easy to resolve, etc.)

« We have always wanted to be at the forefront of innovation. We are constantly looking for solutions to fit the needs of our customers and their users. Our self-service solutions are used daily by tens of thousands of Internet users. We want to simplify access to help and provide more autonomy to users with the Helpbox solution. The goal is always the same: to improve customer satisfaction! »

Cyril Texier, co-founder of Do You Dream Up

Expanded self-service functionalities

The Do You Dream Up R&D Team has also developed innovative functionalities for improving automation in customer interactions:

  • Automated chat in live chat sessions: When operators interact with users, questions without added value can be processed automatically via automated chat (virtual agent), while being completely transparent for the user.
  • Dynamic form: Answers are provided to the user even before they finish filling out the form on the contact page. 

Graphical and ergonomic redesign

A graphical and ergonomic redesign was applied to the live chat and video chat console. The more streamlined interface follows the standards of flat design, and the new ergonomics simplifies the use of the console by operators and supervisors.

In line with its business, Do You Dream Up now offers its self-service solutions in more than eight languages and can be integrated into native Android and iOS applications.

A Salesforce connector for improved customer knowledge

With the Salesforce connector, customer interactions can be personalised in automated chat and live chat using data from the CRM. Agents can also access the Do You Dream Up knowledge base and customer chat history from their Salesforce console.

« The integration with Salesforce allows us to customise our responses based on the customer context, while improving efficiency and service quality. With the versatility of our solutions, we can target this market and use the multifaceted aspect of the knowledge bases to offer tailored content based on the medium used by the end customer »

Jérôme Vérité, co-founder of Do You Dream Up

About Do You Dream Up – www.doyoudreamup.com

Do You Dream Up, created in 2009, is specialised in digital customer relations. They develop smart self-service tools for major accounts. The automatic natural language processing software company developed an innovative algorithm and knowledge base management solution. They make it possible to offer a better user experience and to improve client knowledge, while reducing the number of requests made to contact centres. Do You Dream Up solutions are available on desktops, tablets and mobiles to offer an innovative and coherent experience on all digital channels.

Key accounts in France and worldwide, such as EDF, Voyages-sncf.com, Orange, Humanis, Caisse des Dépôts and also PSA, have adopted Do You Dream Up solutions for their selfcare and e-commerce sites or for their internal helpdesks.

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Thomas Dufermont
Marketing and Com Director