dydu natively integrates Salesforce to personalize customers’ conversations

Do You Dream Up, the specialist in digital customer relations, is now natively running Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM provider.

With the Salesforce connector, customer interactions can be personalised during live and automated chats using CRM data. Agents can also access the Do You Dream Up knowledge base and customer chat history from Salesforce.

Personalised interactions for better customer satisfaction

The connector makes it possible to add data from the Salesforce customer file to a conversation or the Do You Dream Up back office. It connects the visitor to his or her Salesforce profile in real time and personalises responses, therefore significantly improving customer satisfaction.

Synchronised data

The Do You Dream Up knowledge base feeds into both Salesforce and customer interaction tools such as the automatic chat feature and FAQs, just to name a few.

Customer chat histories from the Do You Dream Up automatic chat or live chat features can also be accessed in Salesforce, giving users a holistic view of the customer pathway and increasing productivity.

Easier knowledge access

Do You Dream Up’s “FAQ Dynamique” module is integrated into Salesforce. The operator can therefore easily search the knowledge base in several languages by using a search field equipped with an auto-suggest feature. The goal is to make it easier to search for information and reduce processing delays.

“Integrating with Salesforce allows us to customise our responses based on the customer context while also improving efficiency and service quality. This connector is part of Do You Dream Up’s push to integrate with all ecosystems. We’ve already integrated or are in the process of integrating with other services, including ticketing solutions, ABTasting, SVI, etc”

Jérôme Vérité, co-founder of Do You Dream Up.

About Do You Dream Up – www.doyoudreamup.com

Do You Dream Up, created in 2009, is specialised in digital customer relations. They develop smart self-service tools for major accounts. The automatic natural language processing software company developed an innovative algorithm and knowledge base management solution. They make it possible to offer a better user experience and to improve client knowledge, while reducing the number of requests made to contact centres. Do You Dream Up solutions are available on desktops, tablets and mobiles to offer an innovative and coherent experience on all digital channels.

Key accounts in France and worldwide, such as EDF, Voyages-sncf.com, Orange, Humanis, Caisse des Dépôts and also PSA, have adopted Do You Dream Up solutions for their selfcare and e-commerce sites or for their internal helpdesks.

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Communications officer