How Does PwC’s HR Chatbot Provide Employees with Instant Answers to their Questions?

In 2019, PwC France, one of the Big 4 specialising in consulting, audit and legal services, called on Dydu to create Alex, a “concierge” chatbot for its 6,000 employees.


  • 2,800 knowledge articles around 10 subjects
  • 15,000 interactions per month with a 97% comprehension rate
  • 4,000 dialogues per month, of which ​​85% are successful

[Only in french]

PwC’s Human Resources chatbot currently includes 2,800 knowledge articles, based on ten recurring subject areas (Human Resources, HelpDesk, work premises, events, corporate strategy, etc.). With 15,000 questions per month and a comprehension level of 97%, the chatbot has become a strategic tool for PwC’s internal support management. It simplifies employees’ working life and helps to onboard new recruits.

During our client meeting in March 2022, Nelly Fercoq, the PwC chatbot project manager, revealed that the chatbot had been particularly useful when implementing remote working for everyone. PwC recorded a 4% increase in the number of chatbot requests.

The tool’s managing team regularly promotes the bot. They also work continuously on improving and updating its knowledge base. “We read the conversations every day. This enables us to see the sentences that haven’t been understood correctly or any little bugs, so that we can correct them and continuously improve the bot. We add phrases and we create knowledge articles in accordance with current events. Any that are no longer relevant are deleted,” Nelly Fercoq explained.

PwC is planning on interconnecting the bot with their HRIS to perform more transactional tasks, such as checking an employees’ leave balance or requesting leave via the bot. They also want to deploy the chatbot on more internal channels, such as Teams.