Improve your customer relationship in the tourism and transport industry with a chatbot

Answer customer questions instantly with a chatbot!

Whether you are an airport, car hire agency, airline, rail, or sea company, it is essential to ensure the best possible customer experience before, during and after a journey. Travel organisation is more fragmented. Passengers want immediacy and availability from tourist and transport organisations when they are looking for information on accommodation, fares, reservations or if they have an after-sales question. Simple and recurring questions that are usually handled by live chat or call centre operators, can be easily automated by a customer conversational robot!

You can implement a chatbot on all your communication channels (website, mobile app or Facebook page) and interconnect it with your CRM and booking software to personalise answers and perform certain tasks. You can escalate towards an operator at any time, while keeping a record of the bot dialogue history. More complex use cases are also possible, such as the automation of booking changes or cancellations, thanks to the chatbot-RPA integration.


Tourist and Transport Chatbot Use Cases

  • General and Logistical Information

    Check-in and services, fares and conditions, loyalty programs
  • Reservation and Purchasing

    Booking, modifying or cancelling a rental, hiring a car, booking a train or plane ticket, etc.
  • After-Sales Service

    Information and follow-up, modification or cancellation of a booking, refund request
  • technologie dydu logiciel conversation

    Reviews and Feedback

    Satisfaction surveys, requests for suggestions
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Chatbots, 24/7 support for your customer services

Tourist and transport chatbots are real levers for improving travellers’ experience by providing them with 24/7 support and instant, consistent and personalised answers. They allow to relieve agents of low-added value questions to make them more productive on complex tasks.
They also contribute to your customer service’s digital transformation and the modernisation of your brand image. Finally, they enable you to reduce email and telephone requests and therefore costs.