Communicators: opt for an internal chatbot to support employees

Answer employee questions instantly!

For all companies, especially those with remote sites, a wide range of professions, lots of off-site work (in the field, at clients’ premises, or home working), or a high turnover of staff, it is a real challenge to maintain overall consistency in your messages and to provide staff with homogenous information.

Employee chatbots, which are easily accessible for everyone, at any time, on all devices (computers, laptops or tablets) and on lots of channels (websites, apps, messaging, etc.) help to meet this challenge. An internal chatbot is a point of reference and can communicate important information about new applications, major dates or changes within the company, as well as highlight the most frequently asked questions internally.

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Internal Chatbot Use Cases

  • Onboarding

    Practical information, rules and regulations, company policy, etc.
  • Day-to-Day Assistance

    Work life, events, human resources, IT, legal, charters and guidelines
  • Change Management

    New rules, new software, etc.
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    Employee Satisfaction

    Measuring satisfaction and topics of concern
  • Support

    Crisis communication (health, employment, etc.) – 70% of chatbot users consider bots to be even more useful in times of crisis!
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An internal chatbot to boost your communication

Alongside your other traditional tools, a chatbot is an employee’s digital companion. It helps lighten your managers’ workload and can provide you with a neutral overview of employee concerns. The dydu solution enables you to be present 24/7 and automate repetitive messages and answers to recurring questions. Your teams can then handle more complex and in-depth requests.
Finally, all privacy regulations (GDPR) and digital accessibility (RGAA) are integrated into the solution design and support.