Optimise your recruitment process with a chatbot

Provide applicants with instant and personalised answers with a recruitment chatbot!

Attracting the best talent is fundamental, especially for new digital jobs. Recruitment is an area that bridges the gap between the external and internal world, and employee chatbots are a good example of this. Located on your company website or career page, chatbots mark the beginning of your employees’ digital journey. They boost your employer brand and strengthen your image as an innovative company.

Neutral by nature and compliant with digital accessibility rules (RGAA), chatbots fit perfectly into diversity and CSR strategies. On a practical level, they can answer questions about your recruitment process and job offers 24/7 and help qualify applicants’ skills with those required. When paired with other technologies, they can also sort CVs, follow-up with applicants, and make appointments.

Recruitment Chatbot Use Cases

  • General and Practical Information about the Company

  • Referral to Current Job Offers

  • Information about the Recruitment Process

  • Information about Company Strategy and Values

  • Information about Internal Mobility and Advancement Opportunities

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Optimise your experts’ time with a recruitment chatbot

The dydu solution automates low-added value questions and recurring tasks, thus optimising your employees’ time. Applicants are better informed which allows your teams to focus on interviews and people. Find out more about the benefits of recruitment chatbots and the keys to success.