Real estate experts: opt for a chatbot tailored to your business

Make your real estate agency more efficient with a chatbot!

Property searches, questions about a sale, rental applications, offers… Real estate website visitors have lots of questions that can come at any time of the day. Customer chatbots enable you to provide 24/7 support for future tenants, sellers or buyers and to save precious time.

Conversational artificial intelligence is easy-to-use and intuitive. It allows you to automate answers to simple and recurring questions, in order to reduce incoming emails and calls. Which leaves you with more time to focus on property searches, showings and closing transactions!

Real Estate Chatbot Use Cases

  • General and Practical Information

    Opening hours, booking appointments, prices, how to make a sale or purchase, glossary
  • Property Search

    Search available properties based on criteria and FAQ on the buying or renting process
  • Selling Property

    Online valuations and FAQ on the buying process
  • Rental Management

    Receipts and certificates, updating customer account information
  • News

    Real estate, legislative and fiscal
Starter Pack RH

Provide your customers or home seekers with answers 24/7 with a real estate bot!

There are lots of benefits to using a chatbot on your real estate website or Facebook page, for example. They enable you to automate answers about a house or apartment search, based on their criteria, or about the documents required to put together a tenancy application. You can also carry out actions on the virtual assistant, such as making appointments with an agent to view a property or updating customer account information.

The dydu solution is easy-to-use and enables you to save lots of time and optimise customer relations costs. A bot will also give your real estate agency an innovative image and makes you available 24/7, which is a good way to attract new customers and build loyalty.