Banking and insurance: opt for a chatbot tailored to your business

Provide your customers with 24/7 support with conversational AI!

Whether you are a bank, insurance company or health insurer, it is essential to handle requests quickly. Customers expect instant answers and a readily available customer service when looking for information about an offer, transaction or refund, or when they want to take out a new contract or make a claim. Intelligent virtual assistants can easily automate simple and recurring questions. For more complex requests, customer chatbots can escalate users to live chat operators or call centres.

Bots are an accessible and easy-to-use tool. They help customers find quick answers to their questions, a specific page, or an offer. You can interconnect them with your internal software, such as your CRM, for a fully personalised experience! You can also perform more complex use cases in the bot, in total security, such as searching for a transaction (by date, name, amount, category), downloading a document, checking a transfer or refund status, signing up to a new contract, or declaring a loss or claim.

Banking and Insurance Chatbot Use Cases

  • Information and Support

    Savings, investments and loans, branch services, insurance, offers and benefits, healthcare, etc.
  • Account Information

    Check balance, transactions and transfers, contracts
  • Download documents

    Contracts, receipts, statements, invoices, warrantees, etc.
  • Subscription

    New account or contract, loss or claim reports
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Provide customers with answers 24/7 with a banking and insurance chatbot!

A banking and insurance chatbot is a real lever to:

  • Improve the experience for policy holders and customers by providing 24/7 support, with instant and consistent answers,
  • Relieve agents of low-added value questions for more productivity on complex tasks,
  • Contribute to your customer service’s digital transformation and brand image,
  • Reduce email and phone requests and therefore costs.