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Our bots can be used in an infinite number of cases: customer service, help desk, visitors welcome, employee support (HR, IT), product recommendation, transactions, domotics…in fields as varied as energy, finance, insurance, telecommunications, transportation, the automobile industry, the public sector…

Discover how we’ve helped our clients implement an innovative user experience and successfully optimize costs.

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Customer Relation: a Bot That Takes Care of Your Users

Improve user experience with an intelligent conversation tool whose customized support brings each client closer to the brand. It replies instantly and automatically to any need for advice, after-sales question, reservation or other request.

MACSF callbot

Callbot, a 24/7 customer service

The MACSF, a mutual company dedicated to healthcare professionals, launched a callbot in December 2018 to extend the opening hours of its customer service and to be able to pre-qualify incoming requests. The callbot allows the MACSF to improve the experience of its (future) insureds, increase the number of subscriptions and streamline the request treatment process.

2000 calls handled within the first month

89% of successful interactions

Last April, the MACSF won an award that recognizes the best innovation initiatives in the insurance industry.

The virtual assistant for homework support

The chatbot named Jules was set up by the CNED (the french distance learning center), it provides each middle school student with specific and adapted answers to help them complete their homework in French and mathematics.

1200 intentions

84% of successful interactions

The administrative advisor for start-ups

NOA, The PRIF chatbot (prefecture of Paris region), provides active support to young companies by facilitating administratives procedures (management, finance, HR …).

10 administrations involved
285 intentions in EN / FR
Multi-sites: French Tech, PRIF, and Pôle Emploi

Logo ciasse des dépots chatbot Ariane

Chatbot Ariane

Goal: to promote self-service in order to reduce contact with customer support and improve quality of service

70,000 conversations held in 2017

82% of successful conversations

2nd prize for Best Robot Experience

Logo direct energie chatbot relation client

Direct Energie

Goal: to reply to internet-user questions regarding offers, contract subscriptions and billing

168,000 conversations in 2017

84% of successful conversations

Access to a live chat operator when necessary

logo sosh assistant virtuel relation client


Goal : to encourage Sosh clients’ use of online assistance

11,000 conversations per day

96% of successful conversations

20% less contact with customer service

60% fewer claims

Logo Orange chatbot relation client


Goal: to develop the use of mobile self-care solutions (iOS and Android)

10,000 conversations per day

97% of successful conversations

logo EDF chatbot interne

EDF Particuliers

Goal: to reply to thousands of internet-user questions regarding billing, account registration, links, etc.

100,000 conversations per month

91% of successful conversations

Lyfe chatbot assurance


Goal: to offer an innovative client experience and promote concierge healthcare services

93% of successful conversations

Available on 10+ distribution sites

Health chatbot GDPR-compliant

Assu 2000 chatbot


Goal: to simplify automobile insurance administrative procedures

14,000 conversations per month

173% increase in conversations since January 2018

Installed on four group sites

Employee Relation: a Guiding Bot for Your Employees

The chatbot can also function as a personal business assistant.

It answers HR, IT, help desk, practical service questions… and increases productivity by dealing with common requests (ex: room reservations, leave balance, password management…)

PSA Groupe chatbot interne collaborateurs

Virtual assistant

Through PSA’s intranet, the virtual assistant advises employees on desktop applications, software installation, HR questions and practical services. The objective is to reduce call traffic to service desk and to increase collaborator autonomy. By 2017 the chatbot was live in three languages and had 9000 areas of expertise.

125,000 conversations per month

3 languages

88% of successful conversations

Solvay chatbot interne collaborateurs

Sam the HR chatbot

Goal: to reduce the number of calls to HR

1,000 conversations during the first month of activation

92% of successful conversations

Training catalogue and and leave planning system connected to the bot

Société générale chatbot banque

Virtual assistant

Goal: to simplify, automate and accelerate the processing of employee requests related to IT, HR, Legal, Communication, Financial Management and Compliance.

17,000 conversations per month

75% of successful conversations

3 languages: : French, English, Romanian

Total chatbot interne

Hector the chatbot

Goal: to assist users with the implementation of a new seniority agreement

550 conversations per month

90% of successful conversations


Goal: to help collaborators install BNP desktop applications

1,000 conversations since the launch date

84% of successful conversations

Works in SAAS mode on Azure

CNES chatbot interne


Goal: to assist employees with their intranet use

86% of successful conversations

Company restaurant menus available for each center

Safran chatbot interne collaborateurs

Helpy the IT chatbot

Goal: to assist employees with IT questions

81% of successful conversations

Available in English and French

chatbot internal employees

IT, HR and legal chatbot

Goal: make the assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in real time to improve employee satisfaction.

1,000 conversations (POC)

85% of successful conversations

Renault chatbot Laura IT

IT chatbot

Goal: to assist employees with desktop applications and guide them through IT changes

600 conversations (POC)

84% of successful conversations

Works in SAAS mode on Azure

Harmonie mutuelle chatbot

Mi the IT/HR chatbot

Goal: to provide IT and HR support to employees through an innovative tool

82% of successful conversations

Metabot architecture