Boost your sales with an e-commerce chatbot

Transform your customers’ buying experience with conversational artificial intelligence!!

Whether to search for a product, track an order, or ask for a refund, customer chatbots provide visitors with instant 24/7 support on your e-commerce website or mobile app. An accessible and easy-to-use tool that enables your customers to find quick answers to their questions, a specific page, or a product.


You can interconnect the bot with your internal software, such as your CRM, for a fully personalized experience! The tool can also be paired with livechat technology to escalate towards an advisor while keeping a record of the dialogue history.


Virtual assistants give your products greater visibility through images, carousels, or videos, based on your user search and dialogue history. Chatbots ensure that your customers move though your channels seamlessly while improving your conversion strategy!


E-Commerce Chatbot Use Cases

  • Product Information

    Product and service suggestions, special offers
  • Orders & After-Sales Services

    Order modification and cancellation, order tracking and delivery, returns and refunds, complaints
  • Customer Account Management

    Change and loss of login and password, change of address and payment method, loyalty points
  • technologie dydu logiciel conversation

    Reviews & Feedback

    Satisfaction surveys, requests for suggestions
  • Support for Sales Teams

    Information and software support for customer service advisors
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A chatbot for more productivity and less costs

Dydu’s solution enables you to automate low-added value questions and recurring tasks. Your advisors can therefore handle more complex and less repetitive requests, which facilitates their day-to-day working day and increases productivity. This has a positive impact on the cost of processing customer requests and your online buying experience.
E-commerce chatbots can also help your internal sales teams with software support or by answering recurring questions about returns and refunds, stock management, the marketplace or seasonal offers.