Chatbots: Why your company should deploy One

Consumers are more and more demanding. They want the right answer, right now, all the time. 

But their expectations often collide with the reality of business life: limited opening hours, long waiting times, inconsistent answers… Their interaction with a brand can be a source of disappointment or, worse still, lead them to terminate their relationship. A chatbot is an ideal tool to reconcile these new expectations with business objectives.  

A chatbot is a conversational robot that converses in writing, using natural language. Chatbots are easy to update and are an ever-present, accessible point of contact for your customers, users or employees. They act as virtual assistants and provide the right information, at the right time.

Chatbots have multiple benefits:

  • Reduce the number of incoming contacts, enabling your support teams (customer services, HR, IT, etc.) to focus on high added value requests
  • Increase user satisfaction with instant answers 24/7
  • Build brand image / employer branding
  • Optimise costs
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Scope of dydu chatbots


Information ; orders, tracking and after-sales services ; customer account management ; reviews and feedback ; support for sales teams
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Recruitment ; HR ; helpdesk and IT support ; legal and procurement
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Information about services ; procedures and referrals ; local info and public policies ; automation of simple actions

Simple Bot Management by your Teams

Once your operational teams have been trained to use our interface, otherwise known as the “Bot Management System”, they can create and manage their chatbot autonomously. Our BMS is easy-to-use and intuitive. It enables you to create and update your knowledge base (questions and answers) and to monitor your bot’s performance via a detailed dashboard and advanced analytics. This will allow you to easily identify pain points and ways to improve your bot. Your teams will also manage the chatbox: choice of colour, font, avatar, textual elements (name, text, GDPR) and the channel on which you wish to deploy your chatbot.

Create a bot that reflects your company with dydu’s solution! A project manager will be right by your side throughout the implementation process. You can also benefit from ongoing support with a Customer Success Manager if you wish.

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Bots with True Conversational Intelligence

Dydu has deployed its own NLP algorithm, based on the distance calculation method to match the right answers to user questions. Dydu bots tolerate digressions, spelling mistakes and SMS language. They understand questions asked by users in their own words. They can also handle “small talk”, formal phrases and colloquialisms. The supervised learning modules provide automatic suggestions for improvements as the bot chats with users. With human validation, your chatbot will improve over time and understand more and more different phrases. This guarantees complete control over your communication.