Users are increasingly demanding: they want the right answers, right now, all the time.

Yet, their expectations are often confronted with the reality of business: limited opening times, long waiting times, inconsistent answers… Their contact with the brand can thus result in disappointment or worse still, termination. A chatbot is the perfect tool to reconcile these new expectations with company profitability targets.

A chatbot is a conversational robot that communicates with users in writing, using natural language. Tolerant of digressions, spelling mistakes and text messaging language, it understands questions formulated by users in their own words, and can provide personalised answers based on their profile, history or browsing context. A chatbot can offer a large number of services: customer service, help desk, support for collaborators (HR, IT), product recommendation, transactions…

Chatbot benefits are immediate:

  • Reduces the number of incoming contacts, thus focusing support functions (customer service, HR, IT…) on high added-value requests
  • Increases user satisfaction thanks to instant answers 24/7
  • Develops the brand image
  • Optimises costs
Chatbot asistant virtuel relation client support collaborateurs

Remarkable performance

> 10 years




up to 98%

qualification of interactions

Chatbots for improved customer experience

A chatbot delivers instant answers to the most frequently asked customer questions – general information, after-sales queries, orders, etc. – and redirects them to a qualified adviser for more complex enquiries.

dydu’s chatbot solution can be connected to webservices such as CRM, information systems, tracking tools, geolocation, product recommendations, etc… By providing customised answers in real time, chatbots contribute to improving customer experience and a sense of closeness with the brand.

They are deployed on websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms.

chatbots assistants virtuels robot automatisation relation client collaborateurs

Chatbots to support your employees

HR, IT, helpdesks, legal… internal chatbots operate in a variety of different fields to help employees in their daily work life.

They provide useful information in real time, and can be connected to webservices to perform an action; creating a ticket, taking time off, booking a training course, calculating an employee’s retirement age…

Chatbots for employees can be deployed on the Intranet, mobile apps and desktop.

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