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Since 2009, Dydu offers an easy-to-use no-code platform for professionals to create, in full autonomy, intelligent conversational agents: chatbot, voicebot, callbot.
Our solutions leverage natural language understanding, artificial intelligence, and Generative AI to reduce support teams’ workload while improving user satisfaction.
Currently deployed across more than 160 SaaS and on-premise projects, Dydu bots address challenges related to customer service and employee support (HR, IT helpdesk, legal, etc.) in industries as varied as energy, car manufacturing, finance, insurance, transport, tourism and telecoms as well as the public sector.

Our conversational agents


Available 24/7 by phone, callbots handle customer calls automatically, through effortless natural language interactions. Designed to take the pressure off of support departments facing high volume calls, callbots can pre-qualify customer requests, handle calls outside of working hours and make outbound calls (call-backs, appointment scheduling).

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Chatbots provide immediate and personalized support in writing. Through natural language understanding boosted by Generative AI, they help users be autonomous in solving issues, thus reducing the number of requests made to support teams. With voicebots, interactions are vocalized via a digital device (computer, tablet, smartphone, smart speaker).

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For customer and employee relations underpinned by technology and human expertise, our chatbots can be coupled with the Dydu livechat or an external livechat. Through seamless escalation, a live operator can take over from the bot to continue the conversation in real time and solve more complex cases.

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Why you should choose Dydu

  • Solution propriétaire
    Proprietary solution

    Patented and optimized algorithms for +15 years | Integrated Generative AI

  • Sécurité

    ✅ GDPR | Data hosted in France

  • No Code
    No Code

    User-friendly back office :
    no technical skills needed

  • Accompagnement

    A dedicated representative provides support at every stage of the project

A reliable, powerful and open technology

  • Compréhension du langage naturel
    Natural language understanding & Genrative AI

    All our solutions are powered by a high-performance proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine available in several languages. To complement our NLP, we have integrated large language models (LLM) into our solution.
    Be it through voice, in writing or by phone, our NLP offers an accurate and precise understanding of users’ intentions (full-sentence analysis, ability to handle typos, spelling and syntax errors).

  • Fonctionnalités avancées
    Advanced features

    Our software has all the features you need from setting up your bot to deploying it, improving it over time and analyzing its performance.
    Through our supervised learning and statistics modules, you can enrich your content and improve your bots to better meet the needs of both your end users and support teams.

  • Interconnexion et intégration
    Interoperability and integration

    Our software is open and can be connected by API to your organization’s applications (IS, CRM, HRIS, ticketing tool, etc.) and third-party technologies for an enhanced end-user experience.

    Our bots can be deployed across platforms, right where your users are: on the web, an intranet, mobile apps and instant messaging platforms.

Multi-channel conversational agents

  • SharePoint
  • WordPress
  • Service Now
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Shopify

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