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Our clients are convinced and involved: no need for programming skills when using our software. Intuitive and easy to access, we leave it in the hands of users to effortlessly create and manage their bots.

Key figures

  • conversations chatbots virtual assistants
    45 employees in Paris & Bordeaux
  • conversations chatbots virtual assistants
    160 live projects
  • conversations chatbots virtual assistants
    Up to 98% of interactions are qualified

A well-performing, reliable and open technology

The product of a decade of artificial intelligence research, our software allows you to create and manage your bot in the simplest way possible thanks to an user-intuitive interface. Its algorithm for natural language processing creates a fluid and natural conversation with users. All our bots are GDPR compliant.

A truly user-centric

Meet dydu

Our self-service software

Our chatbot building platform is available in a self-service mode which allows you to independently create your chatbot from start to finish, without coding! Once your bot has been created, you can integrate it into your website or app, and manage it thanks to our intuitive Bot Management System.


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