Callbots, a Virtual Switchboard for Customer Services

Eliminate customer waiting time and take the pressure off your call center with a conversational robot !

Most consumers prefer to contact customer services by phone but waiting times can be very long.  And processing telephone requests is particularly expensive for companies. So, why not improve your customer satisfaction and manage costs by automating recurring requests with a callbot?


These virtual switchboards are usually deployed by companies with a high volume of calls, such as in insurance, telecoms, transportation or e-commerce.


Callbots have multiple benefits :

  • Eliminate waiting times, automate certain tasks and improve customer satisfaction
  • Simplify access to your services by using natural language and avoiding never-ending phone menus 
  • Reduce the number of incoming calls, their length and the risk of being transferred to the wrong agent
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase agent productivity by collecting information before transferring 
  • Increase sales, e.g., by capturing subscriptions or orders outside opening hours
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Outstanding Performance


listening and real time

> 85%

understanding rate

< 1s

to generate 20s of answer in synthetic voice

Callbots, 24/7 customer service using natural language

Callbots are generally implemented to meet very specific use cases, such as handling requests for contract subscription, reporting incidents, tracking orders, etc. Depending on the strategy defined beforehand, callbots can handle end-to-end calls or pre-qualify a request and transfer the user to an operator, providing them with the context of the conversation.

From a technical viewpoint, callbots function like chatbots, with added speech recognition as an input (STT: Speech to Text) and speech synthesis as an output (TTS: Text to Speech). They are accessible thru a telephone number and can connect to your existing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or replace it.

Callbots understand user intents, phrased in their own words, provide generic and personalised information. They can even trigger actions such as opening a ticket or a claim, and sending an email or a confirmation SMS. They easily interconnect with your information system to search and provide personalised information (CRM, ticketing tool, booking system, etc.).

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Tailored Support

Create a callbot that reflects your company with dydu’s solution! A project manager will be right by your side throughout the implementation process. We’ll train your operational teams to use our Bot Management System and run scoping, use case and analytics workshops to define together your user journey, interconnections, bot answers and measurement indicators. Personality, tone, nuance, conciseness, breaks…  Our experts will work with you on all aspects to make the bot’s conversations as natural as possible and your customer journey seamless.

We will configure your callbot together in our software, but you will be able to change the answers at any moment, in an autonomous manner. You can then monitor performance via a comprehensive dashboard and advanced analytics. This will enable you to easily identify areas for improvement or updates to be made to your bot.  


Advanced Features

  • speaker

    Real-Time Speech Recognition

    Near-instant answers from the bot for a true conversational experience
  • noise

    Noise Filtering

    Of external ambient noise
  • algorithme

    Efficient NLP Algorithm

    Distance calculation method to match the right answers to the questions asked
  • supervised learning

    Supervised Learning

    Automatic suggestions for improvements based on interactions between the bot and your users
  • conversation

    Recording of Conversations

    Audio and text files saved in the BMS to listen back to and re-read
  • text punctuation

    Automatic Text Punctuation

    Accurately punctuated transcripts
  • voice customisation

    Voice Customisation

    Choice of voice, adjustment of pitch and speaking rate
  • voice design

    Voice Design

    Management of punctuation and pronunciation with the addition of SSML tags (pauses, reading of numbers, dates and times, pronunciation instructions)