A callbot is a voicebot that can be accessed via telephone.

A callbot ingeniously replaces any Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and its often tedious way of qualifying user enquiries via the numbers on a telephone keypad. It qualifies recurring customer enquiries and transfers them to an adviser with the appropriate skillset, in line with the operational strategy in place.

Callbot benefits are immediate:

  • Simplifies access to your service by using natural language
  • Eliminates waiting time before getting an answer
  • Qualifies user’s need to redirect it to the right contact person
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Increases sales, by registering subscriptions requests outside of company’s opening hours for instance
Conversations chatbot callbot voicebot

Remarkable performance


listening and real time

> 85%

understanding rate

< 1s

to generate 20s of answer in synthetic voice

Callbots, 24/7 customer service using natural language

From a technical point of view, it is built like a chatbot, to which input voice recognition (STT: Speech to Text) and output voice synthesis (TTS: Text to Speech) are added. Like voicebots, dydu’s callbots are resistant to regional accents, background noise and user speech rate.

Our clients can connect their callbots to external webservices (CRM, ticketing, etc) in order to personalise their responses and trigger actions: escalation to an adviser, send out confirmation emails/text messages etc…

logiciel dydu conversations chatbot callbot voicebot

Our voice design workshops

A callbot improves the emotional impact of your brand. It is therefore essential that the customer experience be positive in order to create end user loyalty. As such, dydu offers training courses that will enable you to put in place a dialogue strategy and encourage users to adopt your callbot. Personality, tone, nuances, answers, brevity of responses, interruptions… All these aspects are worked on to make the conversation as natural as possible and deliver a smooth customer experience.

Advanced Features

  • Noise filtering

    Noise filtering

    From the external environment
  • voice design

    Voice design

    Management of punctuation and pronunciation with the addition of SSML tags (pauses, reading numbers, dates and times, pronunciation instructions)
  • Call recording storage

    Call recording storage

    Audio and text file in the BMS for replay and later replay