Callbot, a conversational agent for your customer service


Reduce cost: enhanced process and reduced callback rate


Create more business opportunities: calls pre-qualification and processing during non-working hours


Improve customer satisfaction: waiting times deleted and improved time resolution


Enhanced employee experience : higher value-added tasks

Callbots optimize customer service costs


savings on call handling costs thanks to callbots


consumers contacted customer services by phone


fully automated calls


pre-qualified calls prior to contact with a customer advisor

For 10,000 calls/month with a cost of €10/call = €30,000 saved

They chose our callbots

Agence Nationale des Fréquences logo

The French radio frequencies agency (ANFR) reduces their costs with callbot

The ANFR deploys a callbot to report problems with TV reception 24/7. The challenge was to reduce costs by decreasing the number of calls to advisors and the duration of these calls by qualifying them upstream. The callbot manages claims by creating an incident ticket with a file number and allows requests to be tracked.


calls per month

60 %

pre-qualified calls by the callbot

25 %

calls fully handled by the bot

logo macsf

MACSF extend their customer service time slot with its callbot

MACSF, an insurance provider for healthcare professionals, wanted to extend their customer service time slot and pre-qualify requests to increase the subscriptions’ number. Thanks to the callbot, the user experience is enhanced and the process is streamlined.

MACSF won the Argus d’or, a prize rewarding the best innovation initiatives in the insurance sector, in April 2019 in the “customer relationship management” category, for its callbot.


calls per month

81 %

pre-qualified calls by the callbot

7 %

failed conversations only

Why you should choose Dydu

reconnaissance vocale

Speech Recognition

Transcription accuracy
90 %
Continuous listening and real-time

NLP Dydu


Understanding rate
> 90 %

synthèse vocale

Voice synthesis

Response time
< 1 sec.

Interconnexion Kiano Genesys


API connection
to your platforms
ex : Genesys, Kiamo

Medical callbot Demo (in French)

Banking callbot Demo (in French)

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What is a callbot?

The callbot is a conversational agent available by phone 24/7.

Unlike an Interactive Voice Response, the journey is not closed: interruptions are possible and the callbot can manage user choices’ changes.

The callbot allows fluid and natural interactions thanks to

How to create a callbot?

Create a callbot that reflects your company with dydu’s solution! A project manager will be right by your side throughout the callbot implementation process. We’ll train your operational teams to use our Bot Management System and run scoping, use case, and analytics workshops to define together your user journey, interconnections, bot answers, and measurement indicators. Personality, tone, nuance, conciseness, breaks… Our experts will work with you on all aspects to make the bot’s conversations as natural as possible and your customer journey seamless.

We will configure your callbot together in our software, but you can change the answers at any moment, in an autonomous manner. You can then monitor performance via a comprehensive dashboard and advanced analytics. This will enable you to quickly identify areas for improvement or updates to be made to your bot.

What are the callbots’ benefits?

Callbots have multiple benefits:

  • Eliminate waiting times, automate certain tasks, and improve customer satisfaction
  • Simplify access to your services by using natural language
  • Reduce the number of incoming calls, their length, and the risk of being transferred to the wrong agent
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase agent productivity by collecting information before transferring
  • Increase sales, e.g., by capturing subscriptions or orders outside opening hours

What is the scope of Dydu callbots?

Callbots are generally implemented to meet very specific use cases, such as handling requests for contract subscriptions, reporting incidents, tracking orders, etc. Depending on the strategy defined beforehand, callbots can handle end-to-end calls or pre-qualify a request and transfer the user to an operator, providing them with the context of the conversation.

Can I connect my boy to a CRM?

Dydu’s bot can be connected to CRM tools to access customer data and provide a personalized experience.