Voicebots, Natural Language Voice Assistants

Make your services more accessible with voice assistance ! 

What is a voicebot? A conversational  bot that uses voice to speak in natural language via a connected object, as opposed to a callbot whose purpose is to automate incoming phone calls. The speed at which connected speakers have been adopted over the past few years shows how popular voice is to interact with objects. Voice is becoming a must and ensures:

  • Speed: talking is 3x faster than typing on a keyboard 
  • Multitasking: performing simultaneous tasks
  • Inclusion: voice is a simple interface that anyone can use, including people with visual or physical disabilities

The aim is to provide users with an optimal experience and to facilitate access to your services. Voice can be used alone, as in the case of connected speakers, or to complement a website, mobile app or chatbot. It is also possible to add voice to an existing chatbot, but this requires in-depth analysis and content adaptation.

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Voicebots, a 24/7 Voice Service

From a technical standpoint, voicebots function like chatbots with added speech recognition (STT: Speech to Text) as an input and speech synthesis as an output (TTS: Text to Speech). The user speaks and converses with the bot as with a human, so this tool is easy to use for everyone. 

Just like text-based conversational bots, voicebots allow you to automate answers to simple questions from your customers, employees or users. This improves your user experience and the productivity of your most frequently contacted departments. It also reduces the cost of processing their requests and.

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Tailored Support

To help you build a virtual voice assistant that reflects your company, a project manager will be right by your side throughout the implementation process. We’ll train your operational teams to use our software and run workshops to define your project’s objectives, scope and technical specifications. Personality, tone, nuance, conciseness, breaks… Our experts will work with you to make your bot’s vocal conversations as natural as possible and provide the very best experience.

We will configure your voicebot together in our software, but you will be able to change the answers at any time, in an autonomous manner. You can then monitor performance via a comprehensive dashboard and advanced analytics. This will enable you to easily identify areas for improvement or updates to be made to your bot.