A voicebot is a conversational robot that communicates through speech, using natural language; users talk and exchange with the bot as they would with a human being.

From a technical standpoint, it is a textual chatbot to which input voice recognition (STT: Speech to Text) and output voice synthesis (TTS: Text to Speech) have been added. Dydu’s voicebots are resistant to regional accents, background noise and user speech rate.

Product benefits are immediate:

  • Increased emotional impact of your brand: a voice brings emotion to the customer relationship and improves user engagement
  • Personalised, contextual information delivered straight to the user
  • Simplified access to your service by using natural language
  • Elimination of certain customer experience friction points
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Voice and digital, the future of user experience

In 5 years, the speed at which connected speakers have been adopted shows just how popular voice is amongst users for their interactions with objects. Indeed, it brings promises of:

  • Speed: talking is 3x faster than typing on a keyboard
  • Multitasking: perform simultaneous tasks
  • Inclusion: voice is a simple interface that everyone can use

Speech can be used alone, as is the case for connected speakers. It can also come in addition to text and images on a website or mobile app for an optimal user experience.

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Our voice design workshops

Speech, an extremely intuitive interface for human beings, is far more nuanced than writing. Mastered around the age of 3, it is second nature to everyone. But when it comes to imagining a conversation, and a dialogue’s different potential scenarios, things get a little more complicated! Voice is such a personal marker and the experience can therefore be very deceptive for users, as deceptive as their expectations are high.

For a successful user experience, dydu offers training courses that will enable you to put in place a dialogue strategy and encourage users to adopt your voicebot. Personality, tone, nuances, answers, brevity of responses, interruptions… All these aspects are worked on to make the conversation as natural as possible and thus increase your brand’s emotional impact.