Automate your IT support and Helpdesk with a chatbot

Chatbots: 24/7 IT support for your employees!

Digital transformation has now reached almost all professions and types of employees. In most companies, everyone has a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to carry out their everyday tasks and remain in constant contact with their organisation. These tools, as well as the many apps used, generate productivity but also give rise to lots of questions.

Malfunctions, forgotten passwords, update problems, questions about how to use the software… These are all time-consuming issues for the IT department. Companies are therefore increasingly seeking to optimise and automate their support and request processing. The stakes are high because a question handled automatically by an employee bot costs approximately 10 times less than the same question handled by a human. Bots are available 24/7 to help users. Helpdesk chatbots can also relieve your teams’ workload, so that they can focus on projects and tasks with higher added value.

Integrate your chatbot into your collaboration suite – like Teams -, and it will become a permanent contact point for all your employees!

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Helpdesk and IT Chatbot Use Cases

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    Automated Support 24/7

    Level 1 IT and Helpdesk questions
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    Apps and Software

    Access, password reset, user support, clearance requests, etc.
  • Equipment Management and Service Requests

    Software installation, equipment requests, moving or removing equipment
  • Ticket Creation and Follow-up

    Interconnection of the bot and your ticketing tool, escalation to an agent via live chat or telephone
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Features tailored to IT support

With dydu’s solution, you can support your users with features that are perfectly adapted to employee IT support issues: natural language understanding, decision trees, step-by-steps, side bars displaying images or tutorial videos, etc.
Paired with an authentication and information system, a chatbot can provide ultra-personalised answers and even manage tickets directly (Jira, Genesys, Service Now, Remedy Force, EasyVista, etc.).
You can continuously measure user satisfaction with the answers provided and their accuracy. You can also automate escalations to human operators while keeping a record of the dialogue history.