Our Products

A Single Software,
Various Applications

Our software allows you to create and easily manage intelligent conversation robots, whether it be chatbots, voicebots or callbots. Its applications offer an infinite number of services: customer service, help desk, visitor welcome, support for collaborators (HR, IT), product recommendation, transactions, home automation… in fields as varied as energy, finance, insurance, telecommunications, transportation, the automobile industry, the public sector… Sky’s the limit!

Brief overview of each application:


A chatbot is a conversational robot that speaks with users in writing and natural language. Gifted with conversational intelligence, it can be counted upon for sophisticated use.

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A callbot is a telephone accessible voicebot. As with all our bots, it relies on the dydu dialogue technology to automatically respond to users questions in natural language.

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To put it simply, this chatbot responds to questions vocally instead of in writing: the user speaks and exchanges with the robot like a human being.

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Humanoid robot

dydu accompanies robotic experts to improve the conversational interface of their humanoïd robots, whether used for customer welcome, sales advice or in the health sector.


A FAQ is a list of questions – answers which aim to answer the frequently asked questions of your users. This knowledge is in the form of web pages, which has the advantage of referencing them via search engines and therefore generate traffic to your site.


The dydu bonus :
conversational UX for a custom-made bot

Our UX conversational experts will guide you through the installation of your bot thanks to related workshops. During these interactive sessions, we put ourselves in the shoes of your end users and tailor your bot to their needs (rather than the opposite!). This structured step defines the purpose of the bot and constructs its identity: name, tone, personality characteristics, proximity, design, avatar, level of complexity… It also intends to define the robot persona and to implement a dialogue strategy that will encourage users to utilize the bot.