Together, Let’s Build a HR Chatbot for Your Employees

Automate the answers to your employees’ questions with a HR chatbot!

A HR chatbot can assist your employees from the moment they arrive in the company, to the moment they leave, in all HR-related areas. 

To facilitate the implementation of your HR chatbot, we have developed a ready-to-use HR knowledge base. 

Our expert HR chatbot includes:

  • 300 pre-defined and customisable questions / answers 
  • 20 topics: Leave and absences, employee benefits, food service, training, contracts, pay, expenses, health, remote working, retirement, bonuses, employee savings, company life, etc. 
  • A social base: greetings and small talk

To provide personalised answers, you can connect your HR chatbot to your company software, such as your HRMS or ticketing tool. Here are some examples of software you can interconnect your HR bot with: SAP, ServiceNow, BMC Remedyforce, JIRA, EasyVista, etc.  

Make your chatbot easily accessible for your employees, by deploying it on several channels, such as:

  • your Intranet site
  • your desktop and/or mobile app
  • your collaborative messaging system (Teams)

Our clients with a HR chatbot

metro FRANCE logoCrédit Agricole CIB

HR Chatbot Use Cases

  • Onboarding

    Practical information, rules and regulations, company policy, etc.
  • Day-to-Day Support

    Access to payslips, intranet pages or documents, requesting leave, booking training courses, etc.
  • Change Management

    New regulations, health or social crises, new software, etc.
  • technologie dydu logiciel conversation

    Employee Satisfaction

    Measuring satisfaction and areas of concern

Discover the Benefits of a HR Chatbot and Why to Choose Dydu as a Solution

The benefits of HR chatbots:

  • Accessible and available 24/7
  • Provide consistent and immediate answers for all recurring HR topics
  • Relieve your internal teams’ workload, so that they can focus on complex subjects that require more time and human relations
  • Offer personalised answers  if connected to your company software (HRMS, ticketing tool)

Why should you choose dydu for your solution? 

You will save a considerable amount of time when creating your HR chatbot with our Human Resources knowledge base. Our expert HR chatbot is a turnkey knowledge base with more than 300 intents (questions only), covering 20 common Human Resource topics

40% of the questions/answers are ready-to-use, and 60% need to be completed or customised. You can also disable and/or add topics or questions!

>> Take a look at our white paper to find out more about the implementation of a HR bot