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Answer employee HR questions and support them with an internal chatbot!

HR chatbots are instantly and permanently available digital companions that help support your employees from day 1, until they leave. HR matters are always considered essential because they are related to contractual elements, such as salary, leave, working conditions or professional advancement (performance management, training, or mobility). Employee questions are therefore frequent, precise, important, and call for unequivocal answers. But, above all, they are recurring! Employee chatbots can therefore easily relieve your internal teams’ workload, so that they can focus on more complex issues that require time and human contact.

Whether informational, managerial, or transactional, chatbots can be proactive towards employees and provide an increasing degree of personalisation, based on your choice of architecture. You can connect them to your HRIS and perform actions such as requesting leave, booking training courses or creating and tracking tickets. There are numerous use cases.

Bots are flexible tools that you can easily adapt to your company news. Among HR professionals who use chatbots, 70% found that their chatbot was even more useful in times of crisis(*)!

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HR Chatbot Use Cases

  • Onboarding

    Practical information, rules and regulations, company policy, etc.
  • Day-to-Day Assistance

    Viewing payslips, taking leave, booking training courses, checking intranet pages or documents
  • Change Management

    New rules, health or social crises, new software, etc.
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    Employee Satisfaction

    Measuring satisfaction and topics of concern
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Endorse your HR digital transformation with a Chatbot

Provide a tool to your employee that can be accessed 24/7, instantly answer the most frequent generic HR questions, and facilitate access to existing resources (particularly on the Intranet). By letting the chatbot handling the generic questions, you will enable your teams to focus on individual cases and provide more support.