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Internal chatbots act as a helpdesk support by answering questions about all aspects of company life, from the most general to the most specific, on subjects ranging from IT, HR, legal, purchasing or specific business applications. Chatbots can be useful for busy departments and support your helpdesk or IT teams, for example. They provide employees with instant, 24/7 support on your intranet or collaborative apps like Teams, whether on a computer or a mobile phone. Accessible and easy-to use, they quickly find an answer, specific page, or contact. You can interconnect the bot with your internal software (HRMS or ticketing tools) for a fully personalised experience and more complex use cases. The tool can also be paired with live chat technology to escalate towards a human operator if needed, while keeping a record of the dialogue history.

They also serve to relay internal communication. Finally, from the moment of recruitment, chatbots act as a guide throughout the employee journey and boost your brand image and employer brand.

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Internal Chatbot Use Cases

  • Recruitment Chatbot

    Explanation of process, matching offers to applicants, follow-up of applications
  • Concierge Chatbot

    General and practical information, guidance, news and events
  • Helpdesk/IT Support

    Password management, software support, service requests, ticket creation and follow-up
  • HR Chatbot

    Leave, training, internal mobility, etc.
  • Legal and Procurement Chatbot

    Terms and conditions, clauses, deadlines, standard contract references
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An internal chatbot for more productivity

Dydu’s solution enables you to automate low-added value questions and recurring tasks. This has a positive impact on operational costs as employees spend less time looking for information, and business departments can focus on more complex and rewarding tasks.