Let’s build your legal and tax chatbot together

Chatbots, legal experts just a few clicks away!

Any department that has to answer frequently recurring questions can optimise their operations with an employee chatbot. For some large companies, or in certain highly judicial sectors, “legalbots” can present multiple advantages. Users can benefit from clear, homogenous, instant answers at any time of day or night, 24/7, on topics such as labour or commercial contract law, VAT, corporate tax, the Sapin II law, GDPR, intellectual property, etc. The virtual assistant can also redirect to documents such as customised contract templates, NDAs or transactional protocols. Which leaves lawyers with more time to focus on complex contracts, files or disputes.

The same applies to a profession such as procurement. Tenders, selection and purchasing processes tend to be very standardised and recurrent.

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Legal and Tax Chatbot Use Cases

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Standard Contractual Provisions

  • Deadlines, Procedures, Precautions

  • Contracts or Standard Clauses

  • Specialised Contacts

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Optimise your legal advisors’ time with a legal chatbot!

Using expert services is often expensive, even in-house. The ratio of time spent on writing knowledge once and for all, versus answering every single request, can lead companies to opt for a chatbot for financial reasons, even if the number of dialogues is not as high as for IT or HR issues. Users are satisfied with quick answers and legal employees can focus on subjects with higher added value. In addition to answering recurring legal questions, you can automate your processes by combining your chatbot with your ERP, CRM and technologies such as RPA and Automated Document Recognition.
In association with PwC, we have developed a service for legal and tax departments. The offer includes a knowledge base with more than 350 ready-to-use articles about contract law, commercial law, GDPR, the Sapin 2 law, tax credit management, international taxation, and many other legal and tax issues. Opting for a chatbot with a pre-created knowledge base can save you a lot of time and guarantee bot efficiency from day 1.