Healthcare professionals: opt for a medical chatbot and build patient trust

Make your patient journey smoother with a healthcare chatbot!

Whether you are a public or private health organisation, independent healthcare professional or appointment management platform, it is essential to handle patient requests quickly. When looking for practical, medical, or administrative information, patients expect immediacy and availability. Deploying a customer conversational robot on your website, mobile app or booking software can help reconcile expectations with your productivity and profitability objectives.

Conversational intelligence allows you to automate answers to recurring patient questions to improve the flow of information and save you time.

Healthcare Chatbot Use Cases

  • Practical Information

    Address, opening hours, booking appointments
  • Healthcare Information

    Covid-19 news, requirements for certain medical examinations, appointments or vaccines, list of referral centres according to location
  • Administration

    List of documents required, issue of proof or invoice, redirection to forms
  • Prevention

    Advice to stop smoking, manage stress, eat healthily, etc.
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Healthcare chatbots: your 24/7 contact point

A medical chatbot is a means of contact that can be accessed by everyone. In addition to being available 24/7 on your website, it is very easy to use and understands natural language, including spelling mistakes, typos and SMS language. All dydu bots are compliant with privacy regulations (GDPR) and digital accessibility standards (RGAA) as applied to our content editor which covers images, lists, attachments, links, etc.
The dydu solution is also referenced by the French Union of Public Purchasing Groups, UGAP.