A chatbot for the French Tech start-ups

dydu and the Prefecture of Paris region launch NOA, a chatbot which aim to facilitate exchanges between administrations and start-ups. NOA is a friendly character with a blue, white and red straps, it is resulting from a call for projects of the “Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir” (future investment program). The chatbot answers questions related to administrative procedures for company creation : financial contributions, support programs, trademark registration…

We were also a very young start-up 10 years ago, we know that it is not always easy : we don’t know where to start, who to contact, and we often learn afterwards that there were facilities to carry out some procedures. It’s from this observation that came the idea to create an inter-administration chatbot” says Cyril Texier, co-founder of dydu.

The virtual advisor of the Prefecture guarantees :

  • a better dissemination of information on administrative procedures
  • quick and easy access to a qualified advisor
  • 24H availability in two languages (French and English)

An innovative and collaborative approach

The chatbot’s base of intentions was co-created by 10 administrations (Préfecture d’Ile de France, DRIAAF, DIRECCTE, Douanes, DRIEE, Pôle Emploi, Banque de France, préfecture de police, l’URSSAF et la DRFIP). Each administration contribute to the bot regarding its field of competence on the basis of the defined themes.

With the creation of this chatbot, the regional prefecture is part of an innovative approach, illustrating its active support for start-ups in the Paris region. Facilitating the administrative procedures of entrepreneurs, this tool brings the public service closer to the needs of economic actors.” explains Michel Cadot, Prefect of Ile de France.

NOA is currently available on the websites of French Tech Centrale, the Préfecture d’Ile de France and Pôle Emploi. It will be shortly deployed on the websites of the other administrations.

communication officer
Lucie Choulet
Communications officer