City-Drop Calls on Dydu to Design its Chatbot!

The start-up, City-Drop, which specialises in one-way van rentals in major European cities, decided to use dydu’s conversational software to deploy a chatbot that answers recurring customer questions 24/7 and relieves their support teams.

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More than 7,000 questions handled by the chatbot in 3 months

The City-Drop teams receive about 6,000 calls per month, some of which are recurring requests, asking  for information about bookings, rates, special offers, support (breakdown, vehicle location…), etc. For example: “How will I locate the vehicle?”, “Where should I leave it?”, “Do I need to fill up the petrol tank?”, “Where can I find my password?”, etc. To answer such questions, City-Drop therefore decided to deploy a chatbot. Since its implementation last November on the company website and mobile app, the tool has answered more than 7,000 questions. With a 90% success rate! 

“What sets City-Drop apart is that all our vehicles are connected. All you need is a smartphone to locate them, open them and use them. We therefore wanted to offer our connected clientele an additional service that they would find useful, in line with their expectations. Our chatbot enables us to maintain a virtual and continuous presence to answer requests at any time, immediately. We are also able to manage the tool internally and completely autonomously, which allows us to develop it as our needs evolve,” the co-founder of City-Drop, Frédéric Dubois, explains.

A quick deployment in 5 weeks, for an instantly optimised customer experience

“The chatbot was deployed very quickly, in just 5 weeks, and already has approximately 150 knowledge articles. This allows the chatbot to handle 20% of incoming calls! And this number will continue to rise. By gradually adapting the chatbot’s knowledge over time, City-Drop will be able to respond to more requests and therefore continue to optimise their customer experience, while relieving pressure on their teams, who no longer have to handle the most frequent questions,” Katia Houbiguian, dydu’s Marketing and Customer Experience Manager adds. 

This simple and precious tool automatically answers recurring questions for the 6 customer service employees. “Our customers still ask the same questions, but they turn to the chatbot instead of the phone. This tool therefore improves our support team’s day-to-day working experience, by making their job less repetitive and rushed, and enabling them to manage requests with higher added value,” Frédéric Dubois, co-founder of City-Drop, concludes. The chatbot therefore complements the existing customer services as it takes over recurring tasks and ensures a continuous presence, beyond 8am-9pm when the team is available.

To support their development abroad, City-Drop also plans to translate the chatbot into Spanish. In order to make the customer experience even simpler and smoother and to enhance their service, City-Drop is also looking at interconnecting the solution, so that customers can perform actions via the bot, such as locking or unlocking a vehicle.