Dydu in the Top 10% of Companies Rated by Early Metrics

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Dydu is very proud to have been awarded a score of 81/100 by Early Metrics. Early Metrics is a rating agency for start-ups and innovative SMEs, specialising in assessing growth potential and promoting the most promising innovations. Their ratings provide companies, investors and entrepreneurs with more transparency.

This score ranks dydu at the top of the table (in the first 10%) of the 3,500 European start-ups that were audited. This score is based on 3 criteria:

  • Market: 81/100 for product positioning, customer loyalty, and the low number of “comparable” competitors
  • Project: 77/100 for the proven business model and maturity of the solution
  • Management: 85/100 for market expertise, strong technical skills, control over the company (100% of the capital)

This score reflects dydu’s maturity and strength of innovation, as well as a sound product and business model.