Who administers the bot ?

We help you build your bot, but you manage it. Your knowledge base (questions & answers) should be created by business experts (e.g., HR department for a HR bot). You can therefore assign the bot management to one or more operational employees, working in that department. Your team, or an assigned person, then steers and manages the bot via our user interface, called the Bot Management System (BMS).

Our BMS is intuitive, effective and easy-to-use for everyone. You don’t need IT skills to make your bot a success, but business expertise and knowledge of your customers, employees and users’ needs, in order to provide them with the right answers and solutions.

During the bot implementation phase, our project managers will train you on how to use the BMS and provide you with the best practices for building a knowledge base.

Once your operational staff have been trained to use our user interface, they can create and manage the chatbot completely autonomously.