Our software

AI-powered Technology

dydu edits a software allowing you to implement a dialogue strategy with users. It understands questions and automatically responds as desired. Easy to use, this software relies on a high-performance NLP algorithm, an evolving knowledge base and a complete and intuitive user interface.

Our software

What’s it used for?

Our software allows you to create and deploy bots and conversational interfaces (chatbots, voicebots, callbots…) allowing clients and employees to easily interact with your company at any moment. This 24/7 availability represents a major shift in user experience. It increases users engagement with your brand and allows you to optimize customer support costs.

How does it work?

Our software brings together four innovative elements.

A high-performance algorithm capable of understanding natural language (NLP) that:

  • Corrects spelling mistakes, identifies lemmas, and recognizes synonyms and hypernyms
  • Evaluates the distance between words for a better understanding of the sentence
  • Separates intentions from entities in user requests
How does it work?
I'd like to book a one-week trip with my wife outside Europe, what could you suggest?
reservation duration transport/accomodation person location recommendation

A strategic conversational algorithm that simulates the most natural conversation possible

  • Get personalized answers

    User info and context taken into account : identity, preferences, location, terminal, navigation, etc.
  • Discuss multiple topics at once

    Timely usage of information provided by the user during the conversation
  • Digress

    Smart management of overlapping intentions
  • Talk about anything and everything

    Integration of small talk and social interactions
  • Exchange with someone

    Referral to an operator at the appropriate time in the conversation
A structured and evolving knowledge base

A structured and evolving knowledge base

Our software depends on a knowledge base of appropriate answers: it’s the scope of intervention of your bot. Its supervised learning functions enable smooth digestion of new information, facilitating speeding up the bot's training for quick progress and user adoption.

A simple and intuitive user interface

This interface allows you to manage and improve your bot on a day to day basis. No need to be a programming expert, the software was designed for business experts and can be used by everyone.
back office dydu NLP chatbot

Primary functions

  • Multiple languages

    Available in 10 languages
  • Various platforms

    A large choice of channels: web, phone apps, messaging…
  • Self-learning

    Automatic suggestions for improvement based on user/bot interactions
  • Flexible

    Connect your chatbot to your information system via APIs for a better user experience
  • Analytics

    Control the bot’s performance, conversations and user satisfaction
  • SaaS

    UI accessible on any web browser, 24/7. Also available on site.


Our flexible software displays numerous APIs allowing it to connect with main market tools, easily integrate into various channels and third-party applications, and to process large data sets. Therefore it can gather data from your CRM, labeling tools and other customer databases in order to personalize exchanges with users.

  • Skype for Business
  • Cognitive Services
  • Azure
  • Sharepoint
  • Bot Framework
  • Dynamics 365
  • LUIS