White Paper: Everything you need to know about enhancing your customer relationship with conversational AI

Over the past ten years, the digitalisation of communication methods and consumer practices has transformed the customer relationship. Today’s consumers are hyper-connected and expect companies to be “everywhere, all the time”. The recent health crisis has magnified this trend, and has forced customer relations professionals to question and adapt their strategies to deliver flawless end-to-end experiences. 80% of customers believe that the experience is just as important as the products and services, so the stakes are high!

How does conversational AI address customer relationship challenges?

We propose a new white paper dedicated to customer relations challenges and how conversational AI can address them. This white paper covers the following topics:

  • How do high consumer expectations and new challenges faced by companies tend towards an optimized customer relationship?
  • How conversational AI is transforming the customer experience?
  • How to optimize your costs and boost your revenues with conversational AI
  • Use cases & keys to success

Use cases of Customer Relations bots by sector 

Customer Relations chatbots can respond to various use cases, depending on the sector:

  • Banking & Insurance: Bank statements, changing card limit, procedures, technical issues, making a claim, claim follow-up, billing, etc.
  • E-commerce : Order management, payment, order tracking, after-sales, returns and refunds, complaints, etc.
  • Tourism & Transport: Booking management, ancillary services, billing, cancellations and refunds, etc.
  • Health: Healthcare, private insurance, medical exams, bloodwork, booking an appointment, etc.
  • Real Estate : Rental management, property purchase, rights and obligations, procedures, legislation, taxes, etc.

To know everything about bots dedicated to customer relations: Download the white paper