Callbots: Key Features for a Seamless Experience

visuel callbot

Are you overwhelmed by the number of incoming calls? Do you want to improve your customer experience by eliminating wait times and providing immediate answers?
Callbots, conversational agents available by phone 24/7, allow you to do just that while reducing your costs by 30%!

But to provide a seamless customer experience and support your advisors, you must ensure that your callbot has certain essential features.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The first key feature is a powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm. The more powerful the algorithm, the smoother the conversation.

The callbot must be able to understand the caller’s requests and answer instantly, to ensure a quick and seamless exchange.

It should also adapt to the user’s speaking rate and vocabulary. For example, the callbot should know that ‘that’s fine’ means the same thing as ‘OK.’ Our callbot solution can also ‘mimic’ the caller’s speaking rate and handle pauses in the conversation.

Finally, a callbot should be able to manage time slots, even without specific data. For example, if you call to make an appointment ‘next week in the morning,’ the callbot should be able to suggest several time slots that fit your request, even if you haven’t specified a date or time.

At Dydu, we’ve been developing and optimizing our algorithms for more than 13 years. As such, we can provide:

  • 90% transcription accuracy
  • understanding rate > 90% 
  • response time < 1 sec

The more characteristics of human language the callbot adopts, the more natural and seamless the experience will be, thus creating an enriched customer experience.

Interconnection with your tools for personalized responses and prequalified requests

Callbots can be used for many purposes, especially when interconnected with your tools, such as your CRM, ticketing or appointment scheduling tool, SMS/email platform, etc.

Making a bank appointment

Once the customer has requested an appointment with their banker, the callbot can ask questions to identify (and possibly authenticate) the caller. Once identified, the callbot can determine who the customer’s banker is and suggest available times. Once the appointment has been made, it can also send a confirmation SMS and email to the customer.

Making a claim

As when scheduling a bank appointment, the callbot can start by identifying the customer with some questions. It can then register the claim by creating an incident ticket and reference number using your ticketing tool. The customer can also check on the status of their claim via the callbot.

Callbots have lots of use cases depending on your company’s sector of activity.

Connecting your callbot to your work tools presents several benefits:

  • authentication and/or identification
  • personalization of responses
  • end-to-end processing of requests by callbot
  • prequalification of requests for more complex cases

You can interconnect our solution with various tools and platforms.

Live agent escalation

You can further enrich the callbot customer experience by escalating to a live agent, when necessary, to complete the customer’s request.
A callbot cannot handle all use cases; some need to be processed by a human rather than an automated system (e.g.: signing up to a policy or terminating a contract).
In this case, the bot will prequalify the customer’s request before transferring them to a live agent. The advisor can access their conversation with the bot to process the request more quickly.

Pairing your callbot with a customer service escalation system has many benefits. It enables to:

  • process more incoming calls
  • ensure your advisors only handle high-added-value requests
  • significantly reduce request processing times and enrich your customer experience
  • reduce call processing costs

A callbot can be a powerful ally to handle your incoming calls while improving your customer experience with end-to-end support.

Are you thinking about implementing a callbot in your company? Feel free to reach out for a demo of our solution. We will help you identify the different use cases for your business, and how to improve your customer and employee experience.