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An AI and chatbot invasion of the e-commerce industry

Over the last 15 years, the French e-commerce market has not stopped growing.
To stand out, the ”small” players focus on innovation and the quality of their customer relationships. This article explores how AI and chatbots allow the e-commerce industry to reinvent itself in order to continue to grow and prepare for the years to come.

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Zen, your Microsoft work environment expert chatbot

Ai³ and dydu launch the first chatbot that supports employees as they become familiar with, and master, their Microsoft work environment. A problem with Outlook? Help needed with Excel? This chatbot is always available to answer employee questions about a number of tools included in the Microsoft suite: PowerPoint, OneNote, Windows 10, OneDrive, Teams, Planner, Forms, SharePoint, Stream, Kaizala, Yammer, etc.

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Create your own chatbot with the new dydu platform

dydu is launching a new platform to create chatbots. Redesigned from top to bottom to be even more intuitive and easy to use, it allows users to create a chatbot from A to Z in an autonomous manner. Knowledge, intents, entities, dialogue box – everything can be configured so as to quickly meet the end user’s needs.