Chatbot Observatory 6th Edition: The Rise of Chatbots, a Self-care Tool, in Companies

The Chatbot Observatory aims to provide a snapshot of the use of bots in business, as well as companies’ expectations, to reveal market trends. For this 6th edition, Dydu, a software publisher specializing in natural language processing, conducted its survey with Occurrence, a research and consultancy firm, alongside more than 400 Customer Relations professionals (employees, managers, and freelancers in the private sector) to understand how this tool is used and perceived, as well as expectations in terms of future developments.

92% of respondents have implemented a chatbot or are thinking of doing so

This new survey, carried out between March 24 and 30, 2023, reveals that chatbots have become more widespread, with a sharp increase in “customer/user self-care” solutions over the past two years. 92% of respondents have already implemented a chatbot or are considering doing so, vs. 48% in 2021. It is also interesting to note that only 7% of respondents do not wish to implement a chatbot. This year, bots have been one of the fastest growing company self-care solutions and have become an integral part of internal operations. 61% of employees would also like to implement a callbot vs. 46% in 2021, and 59% a voicebot (vs. 44% in 2021).

There has been a rise in the use of self-care tools this year. 91% of users check FAQs vs. 66% in 2021. 72% use forums vs. 54% in 2021, and 94% turn to the company website vs. 78% in 2021.

More than 25,000 euros spent on customer relations: a growing budget vs. 2021

More than one-third of companies spend between 10,000 and 50,000 euros on self-care solutions. It is worth noting that businesses invest an average of 131,000 euros in customer relations, and that half of the respondents spend more than 25,000 euros on customer relations each year. In other words, companies allocate 35% of their customer relations budget to self-care solutions. This budget increase is effective for 40% of respondents, revealing a promising trend.

Chatbot of the year: ChatGPT

After revolutionizing the AI industry, ChatGPT has proved its worth in the customer relations sector. 94% of respondents have heard of ChatGPT (9 out of 10 respondents), and 34% use it. 61% know of it but have never used it, and only 6% have never heard of it. 38% of respondents use ChatGPT for IT, 48% for customer relations, and 31% for external communications.
Nearly two-thirds of those who know it plan on using it in their company, mainly for customer relations and IT issues. ChatGPT perfectly complements self-care solutions.

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