Client Testimonial : Harmonie Mutuelle Looks Back at the Implementation of an IT Chatbot

Harmonie Mutuelle deployed a chatbot in 2017 to help its employees navigate the company’s digital environment. Marc Pasquet, Head of User Support Manager, and Bruno Walter, User Support Project Manager, look back at the implementation of this conversational robot and its benefits.

To download a PDF of the client case study, click here.

  • Can you describe your company and department in a few words?

Harmonie Mutuelle is a health and life insurance company. We are part of the user support department, which handles and resolves employee incidents with the digital environment and escalates them to a specialist team, if necessary.

Problem(s) and Solution(s)

  • What tools are available for managing employee IT requests?

ITSM EasyVista is an end-to-end tool that handles incidents and requests, entered directly by employees or support teams following a telephone or email exchange.

What problem(s) are you looking to solve by implementing a Chatbot?

Our main reasons for deploying a chatbot were to answer questions at any time, encourage employee autonomy and reduce the support teams’ workload. Simple requests entered into the chatbot are sent directly to the competent team, along with all any information required. This allows to bypass the first level of support to qualify the request, making the process faster and less resource-consuming.

The chatbot and its services are currently available for Harmonie Mutuelle’s internal employees and contractors, which represents about 6,000 people.

The Project

  • What is the chatbot’s scope?

The chatbot primarily focuses on our digital environment, access to applications, printing services, videoconference procedures, etc. It frequently refers users to documents or pages on the Intranet. The chatbot can also open a user file, such as for password reset requests.

  • How many people manage the chatbot internally and what do they do?

The knowledge base is currently administered by two people (IT knowledge scope) half a day per week, with certain periods requiring more or less responsiveness.

Can the chatbot escalate issues to specialist teams?

Yes, the chatbot creates and escalates tickets to the right support team, the Webservice we use is recognised by the ITSM tool and routed accordingly.

  • What major changes have been made to the bot since its implementation?

The first version of the chatbot answered simple questions about our digital environment. The second one allowed requests and incidents to be sent directly via Webservices to the ITSM tool and specialised support teams. The chatbot currently has 480 knowledge articles, 55 of which represent 80% of the questions asked.

  • What are its main functionalities?

We mainly use decision trees, data retrieval in the form of variables and webservice.


  • What benefits have you seen since implementing the solution?

Implementing the chatbot has enabled us to offer users an additional service, available 24/7, when the helpdesk is overwhelmed. The productivity gains (solutions provided by the chatbot without any helpdesk involvement) represent 8% less helpdesk requests, and up to 13.3% during the first lockdown.

Which KPIs do you monitor to steer the bot’s activity?

We use the following analytics: number of dialogues, number of interactions, quality of dialogues, most used knowledge articles, use of webservices (incidents and requests opened via the chatbot).  

  • Do you consider this project to be a success? Why?

This project is a success because it fulfils the role it was set up for. The chatbot holds 500 dialogues per month on average (approximately 1,350 interactions), with an 80% comprehension rate. Now, we need to encourage even more people to use it. We need to take advantage of the opportunities for use with maximum benefit (simplicity and efficiency). We will also communicate more about the bot via video.

  • Do you think the chatbot was even more useful during lockdown?

Yes, the chatbot was very useful during lockdown. It enabled us to answer a lot of user questions about remote working tools, as well as the usual requests, at a time when the helpdesk was under a lot of pressure.

 Why would you recommend the dydu solution?

The dydu solution allows to implement a quality chatbot that fits perfectly into your intranet or website, for example.

Next Steps

  • Are you planning any changes or updates to further improve the chatbot? And the management of IT requests in general?

Enabling users to fill out forms in the chatbot to create more complex service requests via webservice. We also plan on making it possible to book appointments with the helpdesk via the chatbot.

Feel free to download a PDF of the client case study.