Productivity, Reduced Costs, Customer Satisfaction… How Can Callbots Improve Customer Service ?


People often underestimate robots, yet they play an increasingly large role in our lives, especially at work. For example, more and more customer service departments use callbots to improve their performance.

Orders, refunds, bookings, insurance… Lots of queries require an immediate customer service response. However, there aren’t always readily available agents, which can be uncomfortable for customers as well as employees, who have to manage dissatisfied calls and messages on a daily basis. This situation can soon have a negative impact on the company. Could the solution be… a robot? Callbots are available immediately, all day and night, and can prove to be a key customer service asset.

A Robot that Adapts to Customer Needs

Call centres are rarely open all day, every day. Which is why some companies provide a complementary service in the form of a callbot. In a study* on the most important things in customer service, 60% of those surveyed highlighted quick problem solving, while 40% valued 24/7 assistance.

Callbots handle 100% of calls, significantly reducing the number of answered queries and unavailable agents. The tool therefore enables to capture all leads and respond to all existing customers. Everyone benefits: companies can seize new business opportunities, and customers don’t have to adapt to specific opening hours.

More Efficient and Happy Customer Service Reps

Customers and employees alike appreciate callbots, especially customer service agents who receive a lot of incoming calls. The robot handles customer requests first and then transfers those requiring expertise to an employee. Reps therefore only deal with part of the call and don’t get as many. The callbot authenticates the caller, verifies the order number etc., before transferring the call, thus ensuring quality interactions and better request management.

This process makes the employee’s work more rewarding and adds value, which helps develop their skills. The customers they deal with are also happier because the bot directs them to the right person and has already identified them. Callbots simplify employees’ day-to-day work and improve its quality, which makes the job more appealing. This in turn helps reduce staff turnover, which is often very high in customer service.

A Positive Financial Impact on Companies

A callbot creates value for customers in a modern and adaptable environment. The benefits of implementing a robot can soon be seen through the company’s data. Their recruitment needs will look different since the bot can handle certain calls by itself, requiring less, but more qualified, employees. They can also calculate the callbot’s ROI, almost in real time, based on the number, duration and resolution rate of calls received, the number of calls handled fully/partially, etc. 

Finally, this tool can provide businesses with a competitive edge over those without one. Depending on the context, callbots can manage 100% of customer requests outside working hours. This enables companies to place customer needs at the heart of their strategy and improve satisfaction, while building loyalty. 

* Source: Vocal Com