Are users authenticated ?

There are two types of authentication. Chatbox authentication for end-users and Bot Management System (BMS) authentication for the dydu back office.

Chatbox authentication :

End-users are authenticated and identified via the OpenID Connect Protocol (OIDC).

Identification consists in establishing the user’s identity, to know who is chatting with the bot. In other words, authentication provides proof of the user’s identity by answering the following question: “Are you really this person?”.

Only authorised persons can interact with a bot with restricted access. An unauthenticated end-user will not be able to interact with the bot. Authentication is also required for accessing strictly confidential information, for example a customer’s bank balance for a banking bot, or an employee’s leave balance for a HR bot.

Dydu BMS authentication :

Back office authentication, via Single Sign On (SSO), enables the knowledge base administrators to connect to the back office via a third-party authentication system.

This facilitates and secures access to the dydu back office.

Let’s take an example. If a team member wants to connect to the dydu back office, they don’t need a special dydu login ID or password. They can simply log in via their existing authentication system, such as a Gmail account or Active Directory. Watch this video to find out more about SSO login.