Dydu Modernises its chatbot software

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Simpler, clearer and more user friendly… The new version of dydu’s Bot Management System, Atria, makes creating and managing conversational robots easier than ever. This update is significant both in terms of ergonomics and technology.

We have completely redesigned our software’s user interface to improve the user experience and make it even easier and more intuitive to access all our features. In addition to this change of design, we have modernised our software, to make it even more powerful and scalable, without compromising security. 

New Ergonomics

The new interface has modernised our software readability, as it is even clearer (design and colours), more intuitive (complete drop-down menus) and more customisable. Bot managers can easily browse through the tool’s features and pin those that they use regularly. The icons and new names also make it easier to navigate and understand the features. 

Bot Management System redesign

Features for Bot Users

Quality of user experience

Your robot is civilised. Thanks to the social knowledge base that we share with all our clients, your bot never gets angry, and is polite and didactic. This 700-knowledge-article base, and the features listed below, were designed to support our conversation algorithm, in order to guarantee the best possible user experience:

  • Customisable welcome features with an on-boarding screen and welcome message, delayed responses (loader or split bubble), chatbox drag & drop for optimal readability whatever the context of use 
  • Enriched content with the possibility to add rich content, images, videos, hypertext links etc. to your answers. You can also use sidebars or the “step actions” feature
  • 10 default languages generated by the bot to choose from (one or more, including French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Finnish)
  • Anticipation of user needs with an information banner and the possibility to highlight top knowledge articles, contextualised or not 
  • Autosuggestion to pre-empt sentence endings, drawing on existing knowledge
  • User guidance to carry out necessary action sequences with behavioural targeting (push rules) or slot filling (for example to book a ticket)

Personalised answers

Users will appreciate your bot’s services all the more if it can provide personalised answers, whether in a customer account space or within the framework of a company app. 

Bot administrators can easily activate certain features to make this possible:

  • Accurate answers, even with different contexts, thanks to the decision trees, use of variables or context conditions
  • Recognition of information spaces requiring differentiated answers
  • Shortcuts to appropriate actions with additional answers – for example, the word “terminate” immediately redirects to an agent
  • Complete personalisation with user authentication – using the OIDC protocol – via the dialogue box (chatbox) and connection to the company’s IS via APIs or web services (CRM, SIRH, etc.)

Features for the Bot Manager

Optimised BMS use for professionals

Bot administrators may have very different jobs and skills, depending on the bot’s use, the industry they work in and their role within the company or organisation. To ensure that everyone who contributes to the bot is completely autonomous and able to work together as best as possible when managing the BMS, dydu offers high-performance features requiring no technical or programming skills:

  • Real-time and continuous visualisation of the rendering of answers (WYSIWYG)
  • Management of access, rights and workflows for anybody contributing to the knowledge base 
  • Mass import / export of the knowledge base to analyse the base as well as the dialogues, or to add a new language
  • Tagging and sharing comments to a knowledge article or dialogue
  • Option to review dialogues as per your filters and manage the history (anonymisation, choice of period, topic, etc.)
  • Storage of images in the gallery that can be immediately accessed

Continuous bot improvement

The algorithm was designed for continuous learning. This is all the more effective if the bot’s manager makes good use of everything the bot learns.

  • Our BMS Analytics module provides a continuous view of the volume of bot traffic and dialogues, their level of quality and user satisfaction via several KPIs (dialogue curves, visual mapping of the knowledge articles that are used the most often, correctly understood and the most satisfactory etc.)  
  • Our supervised learning mode includes lots of features to help the administrator manage and improve the bot’s business knowledge by providing quality alerts, audit and related knowledge article reports or suggestions.

Not all chatbots are the same, especially with regards to the services and experience they provide your users with. Dydu’s BMS, the leader on the French market, enables you – whatever your job (and above all with no developing or coding) – to create, manage and optimise a bot that will best satisfy your users 24/7.