Which channels can I deploy my chatbot on ?

Dydu chatbots can be deployed on multiple platforms and one or more channels of your choice, depending on where your users are: the Internet, mobile apps, messaging system, an intranet, desktop, etc.

Chatbots are usually integrated on a web page or on your entire intranet or extranet site via a floating button, for example. You can also deploy your chatbot on Google chat (Hangout), Messenger, Microsoft Teams, or mobile and desktop apps.

To integrate your bot on an external channel, you need a connector. A connector enables users to communicate with dydu bots on external channels, such as Google chat (Hangout), Messenger, MS Teams, etc. A connector is developed to match dydu features with those of the targeted channel. For example, how will text formatted in the back office be displayed on a channel like Slack? How are links displayed ?