SNCF Connect: An Improved Customer Journey

SNCF Connect and Dydu have been working together for more than 10 years. The first chatbot, created at the time of Voyages SNCF, took the form of a Helpbox available on the website and passenger app.


  • 10 million questions handled by the bot in 2021
  • 6 languages available
  • 5 times more requests made to the SNCF Connect bot since its launch and the merging of all SNCF bots
  • 95% of questions asked to the bot have been answered since the migration

In addition to the Helpbox, SNCF Connect deployed their own bot in 2017, Oui Bot, which answered travellers’ questions about buying and booking tickets.

In anticipation of the website migration to SNCF Connect, they decided to use one chatbot instead of two. “We wanted an easily identifiable assistant everywhere, all the time. We also wanted to end the OUI Bot (SNCF bot) / Helpbox (Dydu bot) split, so that customers would only see one bot,” Franck Gbenou, Head of Passenger Information and Customer Support at SNCF Connect, commented. The aim was therefore to make the customer experience smoother and more efficient, without losing the richness of what had already been put in place with Dydu.

Today, with the merging of the two bots, the SNCF bot routes requests with the Dydu API, depending on the user’s question:

  • The SNCF bot handles transactional or booking queries.
  • The Dydu bot handles customer support and follow-up requests.
  • If the question is not covered by the SNCF or Dydu knowledge base, the Dydu bot answers.

SNCF Connect has therefore succeeded in interfacing these technologies in a smooth and intelligent manner with a single dialogue box, and the possibility of switching to an operator via live chat.

Thanks to a more integrated and visible journey, the number of bot requests has been multiplied by five since the merging of the two.

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communication officer
Lucie Choulet
Communications officer