UGAP: A successful public chatbot

The French public procurement agency UGAP (Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics) called on Dydu to deploy a conversational bot for its clients. It has racked up more than 1.8 million visitors since its launch and boasts a 95% interaction qualification rate.

Achylle EBELE, assistant director of the multi-channel contact center, discusses this success in an interview for Dydu’s Client Focus.

UGAP is the only “generalist” public procurement agency in France. It provides access to more than 1.4 million products in over 3,500 markets. Its clients include public bodies (ministries, local authorities, hospitals, etc.) and public service institutions.

Customer relations at the heart of UGAP’s strategy

UGAP recorded 5.6 million orders in 2022 and has made customer relations a priority by implementing:

  • a regional sales network (25 regional offices) to be as close as possible to its clients
  • an online sales site: (more than 5 million visits/year)
  • a multi-channel contact center (200,000 calls/year)

These three entry points provide clients with a wide choice of access to the company’s products and services.

The multi-channel contact center, created in 2011, provides simple answers to a range of queries within a short timeframe. UGAP set two objectives to achieve high satisfaction levels:

  • 90% pick-up rate
  • 90% next-day resolution rate

Digitalizing the customer relationship

UGAP wanted to provide its clients with a more innovative and digital experience. The aim was to offer a simplified user journey, with ever shorter response times to simple, recurring questions. So, the company turned to conversational AI solutions.

The Dydu chatbot was officially launched in February 2022 on the website. We installed an API to enable the bot to inform clients in real time of their order delivery status. The tool reduces the number of requests and increases satisfaction with a shorter response time.

The bot recorded more than 16,000 interactions in the first year. Clients use it primarily to request information about products, despite the fact that the website includes a FAQ section.

Both channels have recorded more than 45,000 interactions to date. The sharp increase in the number of users has led to new challenges for the company.

Given the use of the bot and the large number of user questions, UGAP decided to implement MailJet.
This tool retrieves complex client requests and e-mails them to the multi-channel contact center. The support team then contacts the client once the request has been processed.

This solution is the first step before implementing a live chat system, which will increase customer support.