All about the Alliance for Open Chatbot

dydu has joined forces with Kynapse, Kwalys, Synapse and Living Actor, all leading players in the chatbot industry, in order to create an alliance to make companies’ chatbots mutually compatible.

This alliance, in the form of an association (law 1901), is based on the conception and development of an open source interface, allowing chatbots created by different solution providers to communicate with each other.

Incompatible Chatbots

The keen interest in conversational robots within companies has led to an increase of industry players. Each solution provider uses its own technology to address specific needs, leading to the creation of different chatbots depending on the platforms, devices or uses they are intended for.

As such, they are unable to consult one another to provide the best answer, multiplying entry points for users.

Orchestrating chatbots with a metabot

In light of this, dydu has combined its skills and expertise with other industry players, in order to offer a simple solution, by creating a “metabot” able to orchestrate several chatbots, and by defining a recommended interface (API) to be implemented by software publishers.

“Our vision is to provide a much-needed solution to current challenges faced by companies who need to deploy new conversational agents, but do not wish to start from scratch every time. For example, if a chatbot can answer questions about the company, all of the other ones should benefit from this same knowledge. We have been working on this project for over 10 months now in order to bring together initiatives and provide a simple, open source solution.” the founding members.

This standard also allows different interconnected conversational agents to exchange data and to benefit from the other chatbots’ features, for an improved collective intelligence. The Alliance’s work is published as “open source”, as a free and collaborative tool to be used by all.

The Alliance’s ambition is to take this initiative to a European and international level.

communication officer
Lucie Choulet
Communications officer