dydu.lab explores new conversational applications

chatbot NLP Lab

Like febrile but happy parents, we are proud to announce the birth of dydu.lab, the dydu research laboratory, a trend-setter and bearer of future technological innovations.

dydu.lab’s mission is to set up innovative and futuristic projects, which focus on prospection and exploration. As experts, we want to stay one step ahead of our competitors, and prove to our customers that we are still at the forefront of technology, even after 10 years of intense R&D.

Our core business is conversation: understanding a question to provide the best answer, immediately. So far, mainly confined to text, we want to open our chakras to add new interfaces to interact with our Natural Language Processing software.

With our partners and customers, we produce Proof Of Concept (POC) to assess the feasibility of our projects in terms of conversational assistance and artificial intelligence. There is no doubt these projects will lead to new products and services, our future growth drivers!

dydu.lab isconvinced to be a true participative innovation hub. It will be a space dedicated to the experimentation, prototyping and development of new innovative projects.

Speaking of which, we are announcing new products : Callbot, Voicebot, Humanoid Robot and Domobot. We are very concerned to see them grow up in the best possible conditions ?

So this is the mission that dydu.lab has set itself for the coming years.

By the way, if you are interested in exploring a new subject with us, we are always keen to hear your suggestions and ideas.