New Budgets: Dydu Works with 9 New Accounts to Deploy Conversational Agents

Dydu, France’s leading conversational AI platform provider (chatbots, callbots, voicebots) for more than 14 years, is continuing to expand its business with new projects in the engineering, communications, administration, construction, craft, legal, transport, sustainable energy and tax sectors.

Vivatax, Mediaperformances, Biomotors, Taxi G7, Caisse des Dépôts Sylab, Confort Service, ATEE, Beauty Coiffure, FioulMarket

Fiduciaire Vivatax SA

Vivatax helps Swiss citizens optimize their tax returns. A financial advisor completes their tax return and provides expert advice on how to optimize each individual’s situation. The bot is currently being deployed and will launch in early 2024.


Mediaperformances is the French leader in shopper activation. Using a variety of levers, it designs and deploys ad campaigns to boost brand awareness and sales. Mediaperformances called on Dydu to implement a chatbot using an internal database based on old ad campaigns to help its sales staff with new operations. The launch is scheduled for early 2024.


Biomotors is the first 100% French manufacturer of approved conversion systems, designing electronic kits to convert direct- or indirect-injection vehicles to E85 (super ethanol). Dydu is implementing a customer relations chatbot to answer recurring questions from clients (garages), most often relating to product installation. A web service between the bot and Biomotors’ ticketing tool has also been set up to answer more complex questions or those misunderstood by the bot. The launch is scheduled for early 2024.

Taxi G7

Taxi G7 is the leading taxi provider in Paris and Ile de France, as well as Europe. It called on Dydu to implement a callbot to create and track its taxi rides. The bot is currently being deployed and will launch in early 2024. 

Caisse des Dépôts Sylab

Caisse des Dépôts is a French public financial institution that carries out public interest activities on behalf of the state and local authorities. Dydu is working with Caisse des Dépôts to implement a legal conversational agent designed to help employees use the Sylab intranet and combat money laundering. The bot has been live since 23 November 2023.

Confort Service

Confort Service is a French specialist in the home repair of sofas, living room furniture, and armchairs. Dydu created a callbot that can identify customers and help them track their ongoing orders. The tool has been live since 7 October 2023.


ATEE, a non-profit organization promoting energy management, entrusted Dydu with the implementation of a new customer relations chatbot dedicated to the OSCAR program. The aim is to answer the questions of tradesmen and players in the building industry about energy efficiency grants (CEE and MaPrimeRénov’). The chatbot has been live since 31 October 2023.

Beauty Coiffure

Beauty Coiffure sells hairdressing and beauty products and equipment for individuals and professionals. The company called on Dydu to create a bot with a livechat feature and automatic translation on its website, WhatsApp, and Messenger. It aims to answer customer questions and create a new discussion channel. The livechat has been available since 31 October 2023.


Fioulmarket is a subsidiary of the TotalEnergie group, that sells heating oil online. Dydu is working with the company to implement a customer relations chatbot to support customers – individuals and professionals – during their purchasing process on its various sites:

  • Proxi-TotalEnergies: live since June 2023
  • FioulMarket: live since October 202
  • L’Energie Tout Compris: currently being deployed, scheduled to go live in early 2024