Public administration: opt for a chatbot tailored to your needs

Simplify users information searches and procedures with a chatbot!

Citizens are interconnected and French public administration must adapt to these social changes. There are many issues at stake: simplifying access to information and documents, facilitating understanding and access to administrative procedures in a secure and confidential manner, reducing request processing and waiting times in public establishments, etc. Whether you are a town hall, administration, local authority, government organisation or public company in France, conversational robots can help you reconcile these challenges with new user expectations.

Implementing a public service chatbot is a real asset because it is accessible to everyone, 24/7, on all your channels. Chatbots are also very easy-to-use and understand natural language, including spelling mistakes, typos and SMS language. All dydu bots comply with privacy regulations (GDPR) and digital accessibility standards (RGAA), as applied to our content editor, which covers images, lists, attachments, links, etc.

The dydu solution is referenced by the UGAP, the French Union of Public Purchasing Groups!

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Public Service Chatbot Use Cases

  • Information about Services

    Times, addresses, terms and conditions
  • Information about Procedures and Referrals

    Eligibility, processes, documents to provide, forms to complete
  • Local Info and Public Policies

    News, elections, publications
  • Automation of Simple Actions

    Management of files and appointments
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Relieving French administrations and facilitating internal processes

French administrations are facing an ever-increasing demand with limited opening times, meaning that employees are sometimes overwhelmed. Automating the handling of simple and recurring questions can help departments save a lot of time and focus on more complex requests.
Thanks to bots, the link between users and administrations is smoother, the service provided is of better quality and entities can provide clear and effective answers in a reasonable timeframe. Implementing a chatbot on government websites considerably increases user satisfaction, thanks to instant replies and the digitalisation of certain operations.