How long does it take to implement a callbot ?

Implementing a callbot takes longer than a chatbot and the timing can vary depending on the scope, knowledge base and complexity of the project. A project manager provides support during the implementation of your callbot, which takes place in five phases :

  1. Project launch: defining the objectives, scope and organisation of the project plan during a kick-off meeting.
  2. Design of the journey through workshops to define the use cases, callbot configuration and analytics, in order to define the user path(s) together, as well as the interconnections required, the bot’s answers and the indicators to be measured. This phase can be very quick if you’ve already identified the use cases.
  3. Training on our Bot Management System (BMS), best practices for building the knowledge base, and our continuous bot improvement tools (dialogue review, analytics and base enrichment module). Training lasts approximately 2 days.
  4. Configuration of the knowledge base: management of user rights, creation and enrichment of themes, knowledge articles, decision trees, and configuration of use cases. Personality, tone, nuances, short answers, pauses… All these aspects are worked on with our experts to make the conversation as natural as possible, for a seamless customer journey.
  5. Acceptance: functional and technical acceptance with end-to-end testing before the deployment of your bot.