Will anyone provide support during the implementation of my project ?

Depending on your needs, we can support you throughout the creation of your chatbot (training, planning, project committee, etc.) and you can benefit from various support options once your bot is up and running (operational follow-up, improvements, updates, audits, etc.).

A project manager provides support during the implementation of your chatbot, which takes place in five phases :

  1. Project launch: defining the objectives, scope and organisation of the project plan (drawing up a provisional schedule and weekly progress reviews).
  2. Design of the journey through use case scoping workshops and user interface design workshops.
  3. Training on our Bot Management System (BMS), its features, best practices for building the knowledge base, and our tools for continuous bot improvement (dialogue review, analytics and base enrichment module).
  4. Configuration of the knowledge base: management of user rights, creation and enrichment of themes, knowledge articles, decision trees, and configuration of use cases and translation if necessary.
  5. Acceptance: functional and technical acceptance with end-to-end testing before the deployment of your bot.

You’re now ready to manage your bot alone !

If you would like to benefit from our expert advice after you’ve deployed your bot and get the most out of all the solution’s features, you can opt for extra support with a Customer Success Manager.

This could include project monitoring, help in improving your knowledge base, performance audits, training, workshops or technical expertise for more specific needs.