Recruitment Chatbots – Benefits and Keys for Success

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A Growing Use Case

The way chatbots are perceived by Human Resources has rapidly and positively changed over the last 2 years, as shown by the Chatbot Observatory’s last study. Recruitment, in particular, is an area in which the increase in expectation is the strongest. It constitutes a use case in itself for 40% of respondents (+12pts in 2 years), and 63% of decision-makers believe that chatbots will become an essential tool in the recruitment process.

Recruitment is very much a two-way seduction process, and chatbots impact both the brand’s image as an employer, and also the applicant’s experience. Chatbots are a vector of innovation for all parties involved and positively contribute to the brand’s image. Moreover, a chatbot portrays the employer in the best possible light, by providing applicants with a dedicated service 24/7, immediate and relevant answers, encouraging them in natural language and helping them with their job search. Particular attention is paid to the candidate’s experience and background, saving them time and enabling them to finetune their application to the company’s needs
and expectations.

Meanwhile, employees also feel more valued, as they can focus on meeting and interviewing new talent, rather than on the repetitive and administrative aspect of managing applications.

Adapted to all Profiles and Generations

Means of communication vary depending on the type of profile and generation. Chatbots can be deployed on lots of different channels, such as websites, mobile apps, instant messaging tools, or social media, enabling employers to reach out to potential hires, particularly the youngest on the job market. Natural language recognition means that everyone can express themselves simply and, combined with other tools, contributes to an unbiased recruitment policy favouring diversity.

Key Features

Several features can help improve the applicant’s experience. Being able to use them could therefore prove decisive when choosing the chatbot platform! Your recruitment needs will change over time. The number and type of jobs will vary. You can immediately attract and direct applicants to key job availabilities via an information banner, to focus their attention on your priorities.

Applicants want to save time and feel that they are being taken care of. The top knowledge feature can be used to anticipate the most frequently asked questions or highlight any relevant information. This can be positioned at the top of the chatbox, either manually (you choose the knowledge articles
to include), or automatically (most frequently asked questions), so that the user sometimes doesn’t even need to type their question. If the company has lots of opportunities to offer, you can add a short presentation video about specific jobs or sites, that can be accessed via the side panels. This is also a great way to present the company’s specific recruitment process through tutorials or step-by-step actions, using the Step actions feature.

In addition to delivering generic information, which is often very useful, you can also personalise your answers. If the chatbot is connected to the company’s system via an open API, for example, the applicant can track their own application. By typing their file number into the bot, they can obtain information about its status. And finally, applicants can also use the bot to book a meeting if they get through the first selection phase…

Recruitment chatbots should therefore be a key part of your strategy, as vectors of a positive image and a genuine service for applicants. Designed to meet HR operational requirements and also promote the brand’s image, they help the company stand out and attract the best talent.