The bots dydu, Now Available in Microsoft Teams !

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Dydu has launched a specific connector with the collaborative communication app Teams! The aim? To easily integrate  dydu chatbots into Teams.

Internal Bots on All Company Channels

Bugs, forgotten passwords, questions about how to use a software, a new agreement or new company guidelines, internal mobility… These are just some of the time-consuming queries that support departments have to deal with. More and more companies are therefore looking for ways to optimise and automate their support and request processing with a chatbot. Especially in IT and HR.

Internal bots make employees more autonomous when it comes to low added-value requests. They therefore help to relieve the pressure on the most frequently contacted departments. These tools already exist on company intranets and mobile apps. Now, they can easily be deployed on the Teams collaboration messaging system from Microsoft. The more a chatbot is present and visible on all company communication channels, the more likely it is to be used. It can then become a permanent contact point for all your employees!

A specific Connector Developed for Teams

In October 2020, Microsoft reported 115 million daily Microsoft Teams users in the world. Which is an increase of 50% compared to the 75 million reported 6 months previously. The collaboration software benefited from the accelerated rise of remote working due to the COVID-19 health crisis. A trend that analysts don’t expect to change any time soon…

The connector is an API that enables an application to communicate with another application and to transfer data. Teams is a completely independent channel from the dydu chatbox, so we had to develop a specific connector to ensure that most of the software’s front-end features worked. From a user standpoint, employees in Teams can search for the bot’s name and start a conversation as if they were talking to a colleague.

A Simplified Integration

With this connector, most dydu software features are also available in Teams:

  • Answer formatting features: bold, bullet points, rich content such as images, gifs, links, etc.
  • Answer features: alternative answers, redirection to other knowledge articles, use of variables to personalise answers, etc.
  • General sentences: rephrasing sentences, sentences for misunderstandings
  • Types of knowledge: simple knowledge articles, decision trees, complementary answers, etc.

Deploying a bot on Teams from the dydu software is easy. The bot manager chooses the channel of  choice in a few clicks (website, Teams and soon Slack and Facebook Messenger, which can already be connected via the BMS external messaging connection). They then enter their chatbot login and password, created beforehand in the company’s Microsoft Azure account. And finally, add the bot avatar and download the Zip file to submit it to their company’s Teams app catalogue. Once the administrator has approved the app, the chatbot is visible and can be used in Microsoft Teams by any company’s employees.

configuration teams

Our teams support our clients as they implement their bot in Teams. We provide implementation advice and documentation to connect the dydu API to Teams in Microsoft Azure. We also specify the list of dydu features available for this channel.

Want to know more about our internal conversational bots? Check out our page about bots for your employees.