Zen, your Microsoft work environment expert chatbot

Ai³ and dydu launch the first chatbot that supports employees as they become familiar with, and master, their Microsoft work environment. A problem with Outlook? Help needed with Excel? This chatbot is always available to answer employee questions about a number of tools included in the Microsoft suite: PowerPoint, OneNote, Windows 10, OneDrive, Teams, Planner, Forms, SharePoint, Stream, Kaizala, Yammer, etc. 

The benefits of this chatbot are twofold; the employee has immediate access to the information sought, and to a knowledge base regularly updated by Ai3. And the company encourages the use of self-service tools amongst its employees, and thus reduces the number of requests to IT support. The latter, less congested by recurring queries, can therefore focus on resolving more complex and rewarding issues.  

As a major partner of Microsoft in France, we work on products and services that extensively cover all of a company’s needs,” explains the managing director of Ai³, Xavier Raymond. “With the rise of natural language processing, it seemed logical to us to provide employees, from any company, with a chatbot that supports them when using the collaborative and productivity tools included in the Microsoft suite. To do so, we called upon dydu’s technology, amongst the most advanced on the market, to offer our clients regularly updated and quality content.”

The biggest challenge when implementing a chatbot is generating the content required to train it,” comments dydu co-founder, Cyril Texier. “The main benefit of this new tool is that Ai³ has a great deal of experience with the Microsoft suite, and has already compiled all of the necessary content, allowing clients to simply deploy the immediately-operational chatbot internally. The knowledge base can also be bought and imported into an existing chatbot.”