Conversational Strategy : Expert Chatbots With our Pre-defined Knowledge Bases

bot conversation

The technology behind our solution’s NLP (natural learning processing) engine and conversational strategy are key to providing a true conversational experience. The AI, which provides you with recommendations to monitor and optimise your bot’s content, also enables you to constantly adapt to changes in your customer relationship. For the most part, you are fully in charge of your content, which depends on your industry, job and the specific use cases you want to cover.

Some words can have several meanings. For example, “ticket” can mean something completely different depending on whether you work in the finance, transport or culture sector.

However, drawing on our experience, we have successfully developed content modules that enable us to implement bots very quickly, for two reasons:

  • The content is shared by a large number of organisations. Whether in terms of potential questions and associated answers
  • This content has already been tested and optimised

Furthermore, for highly regulated industries, the same framework can be applied to most answers, so there is no need for companies to search for this shared information. 

These expert, “ready-to-use” chatbots are particularly useful for sector-specific or vertical use cases.

Let’s take a look at two examples.

Council Chatbots, for a 24/7 Relationship With Residents

Local residents’ concerns and preoccupations tend to be similar from one place to another, whatever the size of the town or village. However, councils don’t all have the same means to respond to constituents. An expert council chatbot is ideal for providing easy and permanent access to everyone at any time of day.

Which led us to create a bot based on 17 recurring themes :

  • Administrative procedures: change of address, marriage, electoral census, etc. This is the broadest theme.
  • Waste management
  • Mobility, including parking and transport issues
  • Community life
  • Social assistance
  • Employment
  • Children and education: schooling and after-school activities
  • Crisis management
  • Disability
  • Housing
  • Daily life
  • Leisure, sports and culture
  • Mediation and justice
  • Security
  • Senior citizens
  • Town planning: general and specific requests, administrative procedures
  • Council contacts and useful information

Overall, more than 230 questions and answers, phrases and reworded phrases are available for use by 35,000 French councils. This technology aims to make local residents’ day-to-day life easier.

By way of comparison, 80% of a customer relations bot‘s traffic calls on an average of fifty knowledge articles (*).

60% of this content is “ready to be published”. For the rest, the answers are tagged “to be confirmed”, to be completed or personalised.

HR Chatbots, for a Seamless Employee Journey

An expert HR chatbot can provide employees with immediate and consistent answers to recurring questions from day 1, wherever they are and whatever the time.

Once again, we have predefined more than 250 knowledge articles (question – answer pairs) on 20 common Human Resources themes: company information, benefits, leave and absences, employment contracts, yearly appraisals, family and health, training, management of arrivals and departures, internal mobility, pay, working hours, remote working, general questions, etc.

Employees can access the bot from any work device, on the company’s intranet or collaborative messaging system (e.g., Teams). This relieves pressure on HR, as well as managers, who can then focus on more complex tasks and their core function.

Either way, these tools are particularly inclusive because users can use their own words and expressions. They’re not afraid of asking questions and receive consistent information in return. Implementation is also accelerated because you only need to focus on your company specificities, safe in the knowledge that the rest of the content has already been tried and tested.

(*) Source: internal H1 2021 dydu statistics.