HR Chatbots: make life easier for your employees!

Are your HR teams overworked? Opt for an HR expert chatbot, a tool for answering simple, recurring questions from employees so that the HR department can focus on special cases.

How can an HR chatbot answer employees’ questions?

HR chatbots represent an innovative solution for responding to the needs and queries of employees within companies. Thanks to their ability to handle queries instantly and provide precise answers, chatbots offer effective assistance on a variety of topics.

Whether for questions relating to leave, benefits, company policy, or even more specific requests such as document retrieval or technical problem resolution, HR chatbots simplify employees’ daily lives. Their 24/7 availability also guarantees access to the information employees need at any time, whatever their time zone or location.

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Understanding the HR chatbot and how it works at Dydu

Dydu, an expert in this field for over 15 years, offers a complete solution including a pre-written knowledge base on the main HR themes.

With a first ready-to-use version in 2020, we deployed HR expert chatbots, with the aim of enabling companies to set up their internal chatbot quickly. This solution has evolved to include an even more extensive knowledge base, comprising over 300 pre-filled questions and answers covering 20 HR topics.

The pre-written knowledge base enables companies to rapidly deploy their HR chatbot. It offers a wide range of prepared questions, covering topics from administration and benefits to leave management, employment contracts and training. This database of 110 groups of different formulations enables the chatbot to understand and respond to different expressions of the same question. For example, it can recognize different formulations for requests relating to health insurance, leave and other HR aspects, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient user experience.

It is estimated that 60%* of business leaders plan to enhance their HR departments with more AI and automation over the next 5 years; integrating an HR chatbot with a pre-written knowledge base represents a strategic solution to meet these growing needs.

The benefits of expert HR chatbots:

🚀Simplified communication: instant answers to common employee questions, freeing up HR time to focus on more important tasks.

🚀Fast request processing: thanks to natural language processing software, the chatbot quickly processes employee requests without human intervention.

🚀Cost savings: By taking over time-consuming support tasks, the chatbot saves costs while optimizing HR operations.

🚀Accessible 24/7: the chatbot offers employees the opportunity to ask questions at any time, boosting their satisfaction and well-being at work.

🚀 Personalized responses: with an SSO login, our HR bots can offer tailored responses to each employee based on their history, preferences and profile, providing a personalized experience.

The case of PwC: A concrete illustration of the effectiveness of the HR chatbot

In 2019, PwC, a global leader in consulting, auditing and legal expertise, implemented Alex, an HR chatbot developed in partnership with Dydu, to meet the needs of its 6,000 employees.

With an in-depth knowledge base comprising over 2,800 items on a dozen themes, Alex handles an average of over 15,000 interactions per month, with a 97% comprehension rate. This solution enables PwC to offer instant, high-quality assistance to its employees, helping to improve their experience within the company.

In a period of transition to widespread teleworking, Alex has proved particularly useful, with its adaptability and relevance in changing contexts. The ongoing commitment of the team in charge of managing Alex ensures that the chatbot remains a reliable and effective resource for PwC employees, boosting the efficiency of internal operations and overall employee satisfaction.

To find out more about the PwC case study, check out their video testimonial!
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