HR Chatbot: A Pre-Defined Knowledge Base to Quickly Deploy an Internal Chatbot

For the past 10 years, alongside our customer relations chatbots, we have been deploying internal chatbots, particularly for HR departments. Drawing on this experience, we developed a HR Starter Pack in 2020, which was the first version of our ready-to-use chatbot. Today, we offer an even more complete version that includes a knowledge base with more than 300 articles (pre-defined questions and answers) and 110 matching groups, covering 20 HR topics. This knowledge base allows organisations to deploy their chatbot much faster and more efficiently from the start.

This article takes a look at the benefits of our HR chatbot and describes the content of our HR employee support chatbot.

Why Should You Implement a HR Chatbot? 

Employees have the same expectations as consumers. They want simple, precise and quick answers to questions about company life.
As for HR departments, they are at the heart of a number of issues that touch on employee everyday life. They are also subject to frequent changes in their environment (economic, regulatory and legal, etc.). Centralising and sharing information quickly has therefore become a constant challenge. HR departments cover a wide range of topics. This combined with growing employee demands, means that HR departments have to answer a large number of questions on a recurring basis. Automation can therefore provide a simple and effective solution.

For employees, chatbots are the guarantee of a single point of contact, which can be accessed 24/7, from any device, and which provide instant, simple and consistent answers to any of their questions.
The tool understands natural language, so it is particularly inclusive. Users can express themselves freely and without any effort. The bot understands different levels of language, interprets typos, doesn’t care about spelling mistakes and recognises all the acronyms it has been taught. The nature of the answer and time it takes for the bot to respond, is the same regardless of the user’s position within the organisation or particularities.

For the HR department, this is a great way of removing time-consuming and low-value-added tasks. This frees up time for more complex, new subjects or those requiring personalised support. Chatbots are also internal communication tools in their own right. They can deploy messages quickly and easily (alerts, reminders, important modifications such as site access rules that have changed a lot in recent months, etc.).

Finally, and more generally, implementing a bot for employees is positive for the company. 75% of HR managers believe that it enhances their image. And 73% think that it is an asset for the employer brand (*).

The Dydu Solution Owns its Own NLP

For more than 13 years, Dydu has provided natural language processing software that enables companies to deploy conversational robots and manage them autonomously. This solution includes:

  • a user interface (dialogue box) available on the environment of your choice (website, intranet, mobile app, desktop, internal messaging system)
  • a BMS (Bot Management System): this is the bot’s admin console. It is intuitive, easy-to-use and does not require any technical skills
  • Monitoring tools to continually monitor the bot’s performance and improvements

In addition to customer relations projects, Dydu soon began working on internal projects for HR departments, as well as IT, support and legal departments.

We have thus deployed HR department chatbots in many companies, in a variety of sectors, such as banking and insurance, energy, transport or public service. Over the past three years, we have developed and improved the content part of our HR employee support chatbot.

In addition to the Dydu software solution, you therefore benefit from a tried and tested chatbot knowledge base. Indeed, we provide pre-defined content that includes:

  • More than 300 predefined questions and answers, to personalise with elements linked to your business and company specificities.
  • 110 matching groups that have already been set up. This refers to all the different ways of expressing the same intent. For example, the chatbot understands the terms “company restaurant”, “cafeteria”, “canteen” or “self-service restaurant”.
  • 20 recurring themes such as administrative matters, employee benefits, leave and absences, employment contracts, yearly appraisals, training, expenses, management of arrivals and departures, health insurance, retirement, payroll, bonuses, employee savings, quality of life at work, health, HRIS, working hours, remote working and company life.
  • A social base that makes interactions more pleasant, with greetings and small talk, for example.
chatbot rh dydu

In other words, you benefit from a pre-trained chatbot with more than 150 use cases, a knowledge base that has already been approved by HR experts, ready to be deployed on your intranet, desktop or mobile, in SaaS or on-premise, as well as via your internal messaging system, such as Microsoft Teams.

Our Dydu experts will provide you with advice and recommendations, to help you finalise your answers. You can disable topics or questions that do not apply to your organisation, and also add more to enrich your knowledge base.

In addition to this base, depending on the level of service you want to your chatbot to provide, you can connect it to your HRIS and other internal software. This will enable you to offer greater customisation and to manage more complex use cases: request to view leave balance, book a training course, create or follow up a ticket, etc. You can also provide different answers to the same question according to specific technical or functional criteria (e.g., the type of device used – PC or mobile phone-, authentication, or a social criterion). Finally, you can use the bot in different languages. The Dydu knowledge base is in French. All you have to do is import and configure the new language(s) you have translated. 

Thanks to the Dydubox, you can also set up your chatbox and customise it according to your company’s graphic identity.

This predefined HR knowledge base is a real time-saver, both internally and in terms of support. This has a positive impact on implementation times and costs. Thanks to all the previous learnings, you can benefit from an efficient but from the launch, which will accelerate its adoption within your organisation.

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(*) Chatbot Observatory – April 2020.