Can I create a bot in several languages ? Which languages are available ?

You can create a bot in several languages.

Dydu can currently understand 10 languages:

–        French

–        English

–        Spanish

–        Italian

–        Romanian

–        Portuguese

–        German

–        Dutch

–        Polish

–        Finnish

We recommend creating your bot in one language, deploying it, analysing the dialogues and making improvements, before translating into another language. This will enable you to identify the most frequently called upon knowledge articles and translate them first.

To translate a chatbot from a source language, you need to export your knowledge base, translate the articles while maintaining the structure, and import the translation. It is important to take great care when editing the file.

Once your chatbot has been deployed in several languages, it will detect your user’s browser or application language and select the most appropriate language by default. The user can also manually select a language in the chatbot, via the flag button.