What features does your software include ?

Our software is the fruit of a decade of research in natural language processing, to enable our clients to create high-performing bots that can hold a smooth conversation and provide generic or personalised answers according to the user and context.

Some features aim to improve the end users’ experience (front), whereas others aim to improve the bot manager’s experience via the Bot Management System (BMS) (back).

Features to improve the end-user’s experience

  • Understanding: Politeness and small talk, phrases, monitoring of activity and improvements
  • Personalisation: authentication, variables, context conditions, behavioural targeting, web services
  • Rich / natural conversations: additional / alternative answers, social base, rich content, accessibility

Features to improve the bot manager’s experience

  • Bot management: WYSIWYG*, knowledge article status, comments
  • Chatbox customisation via the dydubox: design, informative texts (such as GDPR disclaimer, introduction, etc.), features, channels
  • Improvement: dashboard, analytics, matching knowledge, misunderstood sentences, audits, quality alerts

*WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get): a visual text editor that enables you to preview the text before it is published.